AlutAnd Aleh Children


EL AL Continues to Embrace Alut and Aleh Children – Come Help Us Help Them

The “Big Small Change” campaign on EL AL flights invites you to participate in an important undertaking for children with special needs.
We invite you to continue contributing the small change left over from your trip overseas, to help autistic and brain damaged children of limited means.

Wishes can be made and even fulfilled – Your small change can make a big difference in the lives of thousands of disabled children. With your help, we can help the Alut and Aleh charitable organizations to build nursery schools and advanced treatment centers and to give hope to these special children.

The children of Alut and Aleh thank you in advance and present you with this gallery of pictures, their own creative work, with warmth and love.

Painter: Dani

Painter: Gil Israelovich
To view the pictures of the Alut children

To view the pictures of the Aleh children