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Cargo News
Handling agent in Liege

Dear EL AL Cargo Customer,

I would like to inform you that we have decided to appoint Aviapartner (LHS) as our handling agent at Liege.

Throughout the  process of looking for possible partners we had in mind your needs, which include, among others, professional staff, efficient and tailor made solutions, and I.T. capabilities .
The Aviapartner group, whose origin goes back to 1949, provides a wide range of cargo handling services at 32 airports in 4 European countries.
Aviapartner services over 400 air carriers and offers an attractive network. On a yearly basis, Aviapartner handles more than a million tons of cargo .
With Aviapartner, we'll make sure that your cargo’s journey is smooth from start to finish. Aviapartner in Liege have the necessary experience to adjust the best suitable handling and service that any particular type of your cargo may require.

Furthermore, Our long term partner Aeroground/Aviapartner at Amsterdam, will maintain our regular cargo service level as before, with 6 weekly pax flights and the facilities to accept cargo for freighter flights to Liege .
We wish you all the best and look forward for  a successful cooperation, all contacts and more details  will be published next week.

Sincerely yours,

Doron Maor
V.P, Managing Director Cargo Division.