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Cargo News

Fuel Surcharge as of 16 September 2009


Dear El Al Cargo Customer,


Due to fluctuations in fuel prices, El Al will adjust its fuel surcharge.  Effective 16-September 2009, the new fuel surcharge per kilo will be as follows: 


Israel to Europe

$ 0.80

Europe to Israel

€ 0.75 (or equivalent in local currency)

Israel to Transatlantic, Far East and Africa

$ 1.01

USA to Israel

$ 1.01

Canada to Israel

CAD 1.23

PEK/PVG to Israel

CNY 7.00

South Africa to Israel

$ 1.01


The new fuel surcharge will be applied according to date of flight.


Charges from all stations have been uploaded on the El Al website:


Customer Service (+972-3-977-1177) will gladly provide you with any further information

 you may require. 


 Thank you for your continuous support.




El Al Cargo Division