Shmuel Kuzi


SHMUEL KUZI – EL AL Vice President Maintenance & Engineering

Shmuel Kuzi joined EL AL Tech in 2007 following a 30-year career with the Israel Air Force. After a short stint as Director of R & D, he assumed the mantle of EL AL Vice President, Maintenance and Engineering in 2008, heading EL AL's state-of-the-art Maintenance Division which employs 1400 personnel. His experience as an Air Force Colonel in charge of heavy maintenance was excellent preparation for his present position.  He studied political science and also has a Masters Degree in Business Administration.


“Maintenance is a significant EL AL division,” says Kuzi. “It generates growth for the airline in terms of maintenance services in a wide spectrum of areas – from line maintenance to heavy maintenance and overhaul.“  Today EL AL Tech leads the Israel industry and is striving to be dominant in the European and Asian markets as well.


“Our marketing efforts and outsourcing services are growing and we continue to develop in many areas,” relates Kuzi. “Today our only limitation in fulfilling our vision is in infrastructure investment – opening additional hangars and shops.”


The market potential is great. Under Kuzi, EL AL Tech has had to turn down many customers because of infrastructure limitations and is likely to have to expand its present premises.