David Ben Ari


David Ben Ari, who heads the Quality Control and Assurance Division, began his EL AL career in 1977. He joined the airline following his service as a technician in the Israel Air Force, beginning as a technician in Line Maintenance. Over the years he was promoted until reaching his present position.
The 33 members of this Division serve as controllers in the Aircraft Maintenance Division on all shifts, as hangar controllers and in workshops. Their job is to ensure that the work and supervision is completed in accordance with the relevant technical literature, directives and company policy, as well as the requirements of legal regulations. David is also a lawyer and thus is well suited to his position.
The Division headquarters deals with two main areas:
1. The control process
2. Quality assurance
The main emphasis is on carrying out planned and unplanned surveys to ascertain the level and quality of work and adapting processes to regulations, directives and regulator demands and meeting FAA and EASA requirements.
“This Control Division is responsible for contact with the FAA and EASA authorities and holds 145 EASA licenses, with the ability to offer a wide variety of maintenance services, from Line Maintenance to C Checks, and renovation of accessories at our workshops,” relates Ben Ari.  “Our high standards are a product of our excellent human capital that come to us from the Air Force at a young age and continue to work for many years in civil aviation. The knowledge and experience are expressed in our daily activities and contribute significantly to flight security and to the level of performance of refurbishing accessories and the quality of the finished product.