Dov Shpigelman


Dov Shpigelman assumed the position of EL AL Aircraft & Maintenance Division Director in January 2012, 43 years after beginning his impressive career with EL AL. Like many of EL AL's Maintenance people, Shpigelman came to the airline straight from the Israel Air Force. 
Throughout the years Dov has held various management positions. He holds a Boeing license for the 737, 757, 767, 744, 742 and 777 fleets and is a certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with many years of experience in civil and military aviation, as well as vintage airplane restoration.

 “Our Division is manned by about 550 skilled technicians in a variety of professions such as ANP, Avionics and Aircraft Interior” says Shpigelman. “We engage in preventive maintenance for aircraft repair, overhaul and troubleshooting and continuously maintain EL AL's A/C in Israel and overseas.
“Almost every one of our technicians comes to EL AL straight from the Israel Air Force, arriving as experienced professionals, with firsthand expertise in aircraft maintenance. Our technicians’ skills are well known and respected by the FAA, European authorities and the Standards Institute.”
The Division operates 24/7 throughout the year to assure schedule punctuality while maintaining its high quality and safety record. It is fully licensed for all aircraft and engines in the EL AL fleet. EL AL has provided Line Maintenance support for other airlines since it was founded. In addition, an AOG team is ready to fly abroad for A/C recovery abroad, engine replacement and troubleshooting.   
“We are prepared to provide service to airlines whenever and wherever it is needed,” says Shpigelman.