Michael (Miki) Ungar


“I always dreamt of working with planes,” says Miki Ungar. “In high school I majored in aviation studies.  I did my military service in the Israel Air Force (1966 – 69) and five days after my release from the army, I began working for EL AL.”
Miki’s first job with the airline was as an engine mechanic but he soon began climbing the management ladder and in 2008  he was appointed Director Aircraft Shops and Logistics. This Division employs 300 people in five different departments:
Engines – taking care of all types of engines and APU in EL AL. A subdivision handles engine and aircraft accessories related to fuel, water, oil and air.
Electricity – handling the electrical side of accessories and engines and the electric system of the landing gears.
Hydraulics – landing gear, the aircraft’s SERVO systems, IDG units that supply regular and continuous voltage and frequency whenever the engines are operational.
Electronics – dealing with radar accessories, navigation and entertainment systems for the entire fleet.
Logistics – This department is divided into several areas, all of which are ready and able to assist EL AL and other airlines: preparing technical supplies in 20 storerooms; supervising and recording inventory for providing responses 24/7 to EL AL aircraft in Israel and worldwide, assuring  full availability and assistance in moving inventories within Israel and around the world (EL AL also has storerooms at several overseas stations); dealing with EL AL's ground equipment and offering service to other airlines (High loader, Towbarless). The departments are available round the clock throughout the year and all involved give of themselves and of their time beyond the regular work hours.
“EL AL is a highly technical and innovative company that is constantly open to adopt changes from the producers of all the units to maintain safety and reliability,” says Miki.