Quality Control


The Maintenance top management is continuously improving competitiveness by:

Emphasizing quality improvement as a part of everyone’s job, either by teamwork or individual activities.
Continuously improving all the work processes of the organization.
Measurement and tracking of reduction of quality losses.
An introduction concept that demands top management leadership and continuous involvement in the process of quality activities.
Timely clarification and solutions to quality problems.
Focusing attention on satisfying the needs and expectation of both internal and external customers.
Demonstrating management commitment to leadership and involvement.
Establishing and maintaining open communication with access to data and information among departments
Making decisions based on the analyzed data.
Responsible for the airworthiness, maintenance, safety, servicing, alteration and inspections as required by the:
CAAI (Civil Aviation Administration of Israel)
FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
JAA (Joint Airworthiness Authority)

All Maintenance & Engineering Units are responsible for applying the above commitments and all units are required to participate. All technicians, engineers, managers & employees are responsible for the effective implementation of policies.

El Al Israel Airlines is certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of Israel (CAAI), the JAA and the FAA as an approved repair station.

As part of its commitment to ISO 9002, El Al’s Maintenance and Engineering Organization top management has signed a “Quality Declaration.” This declaration emphasizes that the Maintenance and Engineering Organization is conducting a Quality Management Program Plan based on International Standards (ISO 9002)