Dear Business Partner,

Following EL AL's announcement regarding the surplus inventory of parts, please find below the links for each one of the part's groups.

Please note that your proposal should be submitted ONLY to the following

e-mail: parts-rfq@elal.co.il

Fleet     Excel PDF
747200              747200Consumableitems1.xlsx         747200Consumableitems1.pdf
747200Consumableitems2.xlsx 747200Consumableitems2.pdf
747200Consumableitems3.xlsx 747200Consumableitems3.pdf
747200Reparableitems.xlsx 747200Reparableitems.pdf                    
747200Serialitems.xlsx 747200Serialitems.pdf
747200Structureitems.xlsx 747200Structureitems.pdf
757/767 757767andCommonItems.xlsx 757767andCommonItems.pdf
777 777and747400Items.xlsx 777and747400Items.pdf

Please proceed according to RFP terms and conditions.
We wish you success.

EL AL Israel Airlines
Maintenance & Engineering
The Marketing Team.