Flights to Eilat with EL AL

Due to recent changes in the landing pattern at Eilat Airport that do not allow EL AL to maintain its high standards of safety, and following recommendations of professionals in this area, a decision has been made to suspend the airline’s daily flights to and from Eilat as of 26 September 2013.

Flight safety is a top priority for EL AL and the airline does not compromise when it comes to the safety of its passengers.

EL AL's request for an extension that would enable the airline to return passengers who spent the Succoth holiday in Eilat was denied by the Civil Aviation Authority. Therefore we had no choice but to cancel the Eilat daily flights.

Passengers whose flight was canceled will receive a refund for their ticket.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but must emphasize once again that EL AL will not compromise with our passengers' safety.

Further details on flight changes - click here.