Utilizing and Earning Points to and from Prague – Update

We would like to inform you that as of September 2, 2012, Matmid Frequent Flyer Club members flying to and from Prague will earn more points, the same number of points earned on flights in Zone C.
Flights to Prague

The following table lists the number of points earned in each direction on flights to or from Prague, as of September 2, 2012 (not including the additional points granted to members for their tier status in the Matmid Club):


Economy Class

Business Class

G, O U
Classes Flights
K, H, V, N, L
Y, S, M, Q, B
J Class I, D, Z
C Class

Zone C
(instead of Zone B)

As of September 2, 2012

(instead of 20)

of 40)

(instead of 75)

(instead of 75)

(instead of 150)

(instead of 200)

  • The points will be considered basic points (valid for 3 years and considered for eligibility for upgrading and for commercial upgrades 48 hours before the flight and at the airport)
  • Bonus tickets, travel agents tickets, free tickets, airline employee tickets, special deal tickets, charter flight tickets and special discount tickets do not earn points.
  • The points are accumulated according to the class that appears on the flight ticket and not according to what is printed on the boarding card.
  • For your convenience, the following table provides a key to EL AL flight zones
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The number of points required for redemption will be updated according to zone C.

The following table list the bonus tickets prices in points according to destination and Class for roundtrip tickets to/from Tel Aviv

The prices in the table do not include the cash supplement that applies to bonus tickets.



Economy Class Roundtrip

Business Class Roundtrip

First Class Roundtrip

Zone B

Budapest, Bucharest,
Prague (as of September 1, 2012), Kiev, Sofia




Zone C

Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, London, Marseille,  Milan, Rome, Paris, Moscow,   St. Petersburg, Vienna, Warsaw, Prague (as of September 2, 2012)




  • Method of payment for bonus tickets: points + cash supplement
  • The above prices do not include taxes and surcharges (cash supplement) that apply to bonus tickets. The price at the time of ticketing will prevail. For further information, call the EL AL Customer Service Center at Tel. 03-9771111 or *2250.
  • The prices in points of one-way bonus tickets will be half the number of points for roundtrip tickets.
  • For full table please click here.

First published at July 24, 2012

Data di pubblicazione: 23/10/12