Termination of family2U Program

In light of the discontinuation of Sun D'Or operations, we are obliged to terminate the Matmid Club’s family2U program as of Monday, June 27, 2011.

If you are the family head in this program, all of the points that have been transferred to your account from family members will be returned to their personal accounts.
If your account is linked to the account of a family member in this program, the points that were transferred from your account to the account of the family head will be returned to your personal account.

Termination of family2U Program

If you have transferred points from your account that are not from Sun D'Or flights (points from flights with EL AL or partner points), these points will be returned to your personal account based on the original conversion ratio (in other words, twice the number of points that were transferred to family2U account).

If Sun D'Or operations are renewed in the future, we will consider re-opening the family2U program.

First published at June 27, 2011

Data di pubblicazione: 21/10/12