Hospitality at Newark’s SAS Lounge

EL AL passengers entitled to lounge hospitality at Newark Airport (EWR) are welcome to relax in the SAS Lounge. The lounge is located in the B3 Exit Gates area behind the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) security check-in.

EL AL has set up signs directing guests to the lounge. The lounge offers a separate hall for First Class passengers.
EL AL Premium Class Lounges At Newark International Airport

Once in the lounge, there is a designated area for First Class passengers and another for Platinum Business passengers where all will enjoy:

  • A kosher corner, including baked goods
  • A variety of hot and cold drinks as well as alcoholic beverages
  • Free wireless internet

Important: We would like to clarify that this lounge is shared by several airlines.
On Saturdays and holidays our passengers cannot use the lounge; eligible passengers receive a voucher worth $15 for use in the restaurants that are situated in Terminal B as well as a voucher  worth $25 towards  duty free purchases on the plane.

First published at March 16, 2011

Data di pubblicazione: 21/10/12