Purchase with points

Purchasing items with previously-accumulated points

Club members are welcome to make purchases from the wide range of duty free items, and to use points to pay in part of the item(s). Please see the details on the website, concerning each item.
“Points purchases” can only be made through the duty-free website, and in accordance with the purchase conditions detailed on the website.
To take advantage of the opportunity to purchase and pay for items with points, you will need to identify yourself using your Matmid (Frequent Flyer Club) membership number plus your internet password (NOT your telephone password).
After entering your identification details, your current Matmid point balance will appear. There might possibly be differences in the number of points, because activity just previous to visiting the Duty Free website may still not have been updated.
If there are no points (or insufficient points) in the Matmid account, purchases with points will not be permitted.
The cash value of the points is calculated by the Matmid Club, and is subject to change from time to time.
Matmid Club members who purchase duty free items through the website, and choose to pay with a combination of points and cash, shall pay the cash balance remaining upon receipt of the items on board the aircraft.