Regulations for Ordering Duty Free Products through the EL AL Website

1. Introduction

1.1 The Duty Free website that appears on the EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. website (henceforth: “EL AL”) constitutes a website through which passengers can order duty free items on EL AL planes flying international flights, only (henceforth “the website”).

1.2 Wherever the masculine gender is used in the regulations, the intention is for both masculine and feminine.

1.3 The directives of these regulations apply to every use and order you make through the website and constitute the legal basis for any deliberation between you and EL AL or between you and those operating the website. Therefore, you are requested to read the regulations carefully and in their entirety.

1.4 Surfing the website and/or ordering duty fee products offered on it constitutes your consent to accept and abide by the regulations. Therefore, if you do not agree to the conditions, you are requested not to make any use of the website.  

2. General

2.1 The website allows you to order various products that are sold on EL AL Duty Free on the Plane and appear in the inflight Fly & Buy catalog on EL AL and Sun D'Or planes (henceforth: “the catalog”), conveniently, quickly, easily and at attractive prices. Payment for and receipt of the product will be made on the plane, subject to the conditions specified below.

Likewise, the website offers Gift in the Sky service, which makes it possible to order a product from a list that appears on the website under the heading “Gift in the Sky,” as a gift for passengers on EL AL flights. The gift, in a special wrapping, is delivered during the flight by the purser to the passenger for whom the order was made. Payment is made in advance through the website or through the EL AL Telephone Service Center at 03-9771111 (henceforth “Gift in the Sky” or "Celebration in the sky").

2.2 Items may be ordered from 30 days before the date of the flight and no later than the date specified below: 

For all EL AL flights from Tel Aviv        

All routes from Tel Aviv

up to 72 hours before the flight

For all EL AL flights to Tel Aviv 

From Europe

up to 72 hours before the flight

From the Far East and South Africa

up to 4 days prior to the schedules departure date
From the United States and Canada up to 4 days prior to the schedules departure date

2.3 For every product offered for sale on the website a name and price is displayed. You can see pictures of the product on the website. To dispel any doubt, pictures of the products are for illustration only, and the products that appear in the pictures are not necessarily those that will be sold on the plane and/or similar and/or identical to those sold on the plane. 

2.4 To complete the order, select the desired products, the quantity and whether payment will be in money or in money and EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club points (henceforth: “points”). Then type in the flight reservation number (PNR), first and family name of the passenger. In the next stage, indicate the flight number, date of flight, telephone number and email address for sending the order confirmation. Without these details, we will not be able to deliver your order to the plane.

To take advantage of the money and points payment benefit, in addition to the above, you should provide your member Matmid Club membership number and password. For your convenience, after entering the details for identification, the number of points you have available will appear. There may be a discrepancy in the number of points due to transactions that were completed before entering the website but were not yet updated.

Due to limitations of space and weight on the plane, it is possible that we will not be able to fill large orders.

The website staff and/or EL AL are not obliged to fill an order if a change is made in the type of aircraft or in the details of the passenger’s flight.
To purchase a Gift / Celebration in the Sky product, the designated form that appears on the website must be filled out, including the passenger’s first and family name, and flight number and date. Likewise, a telephone number must be provided, as well as the address and email address to receive the order confirmation. Without these detail, we cannot deliver the product on the plane.

2.5 As part of the Celebration in the Sky product, you may purchase several different products, as follows: (1) Marriage Proposal – a product including a bottle of wine, a box of chocolate and a discount voucher for duty fee purchases; (2) Birthday – a bottle of wine, a box of chocolate and a voucher for duty free purchases; and (3) Various products, including: various duty free products plus a box of chocolate. 

3. Receipt of Order and Terms of Payment

3.1 The price that appears in the catalog on the date of the flight and not the price that appears on the website will prevail.

The price that appears on the website for "Gift / Celebration in the Sky"  purchases will prevail.

3.2 Members of the EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club will be able to purchase products for payment in money and points or only money.

3.3 No double deals or benefits.

3.4 After completing the order, confirmation of completion of the order and of the points debited from your Matmid Club account, if the payment is made with points, will be sent to the email address that you specified when submitting the order.

For orders made as a Gift / Celebration in the Sky, after the order is completed a receipt will be sent via postal mail to the address you provided when completing the order.

3.5 Your order will await you on the plane, subject to availability. We apologize in advance if the product is not on the flight or out of stock. To dispel any doubt, the website staff and/or EL AL staff is not obliged to inform passengers in advance if the product is no longer in stock. If the product is no longer in stock and not delivered to the flight, or if you decide not to finalize the purchase of a specific product on the flight or if the purchase is canceled, your Frequent Flyer Matmid Club account will be credited with the points that were debited in advance for ordering the product. Regarding Gift/ Celebration in the Sky orders, the credit card account of the person making the order will be credited as will the Matmid Club account that was debited if the order was paid money and points.

3.6 Points returned for canceled products that were purchased will be returned according to their original validity date.

3.7 Payment for products ordered for payment in money only and/or the monetary remainder for products ordered for combined payment in money and points will be made on the plane. The payment may be made in cash or credit cards from the following companies: Isracard, Visa, Diners and American Express. Credit cards can be used for purchases of $8 to $1500.

3.8 Torn or otherwise damaged banknotes will not be accepted. Credit card payments may be made only in shekels or USA dollars.

3.9 The exchange rate for foreign currencies to shekels will be according to the high rates for transfers and checks. The exchange rate is updated once a week.

Regarding “Gift/ Celebration in the Sky" the exchange rate for foreign currencies will be the high rate for transfers and checks on the date the payment is made.

3.10 The inclusive cost for purchased products will be specified on the receipt handed to the passenger upon completion of the purchase process.

3.11 Members of the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club who purchased products worth $75 or more, not within the Gift / Celebration in the Sky service, will earn points according to the following Table , based on the value of the product as it appears in the inflight sales supplement. The points earned will be considered Extra points that are valid for 3 years.

Point accrual for purchases of duty free items on the plane will be updated as of February 10, 2015

Conversion Rate from
US Dollars to Matmid Points
And Earn
$8 one point for every
Up to 18 points
$75 - $149
$7 one point for every
Up to 35 points
$150 - $249
$6 one point for every
Up to 58 points
$250 - $349
$5 one point for every
70points and up
  and up - $350

3.12 If the member has no points in his account, the purchase of products for points will not be allowed.

3.13 The monetary value of the points will be determined by the Matmid Club and may change from time to time.

3.14 The Matmid Club membership card must be presented when completing the purchase on EL AL planes, in order to earn points.

4. Customer Service and Return Policy

4.1 If you encountered difficulties when ordering the duty free products on the website, you may contact the Telephone Service Center that operates Sunday – Thursday, 8:30am – 4pm at Tel. 03-9717322 or 03-9716088; Fax 03-9716298 or at the following email address:

To the extent that you are interested in adding additional requirements for proposing on the plane, when ordering the Celebration in the Sky Marriage Proposal product, we will contact you to examine marriage proposal options during the flight. This is to clarify that responsibility for the proposal is borne only by the person who has purchased the Marriage Proposal product.

This is to clarify that the purchase of any Celebration in the Sky product is subject to the sole discretion of EL AL. Likewise, even after EL AL's approval in principle to implement the order, the actual fulfillment of the order is subject to the directives and approval of the flight crew on the relevant flight and to flight conditions.

4.2 All products displayed on the website are guaranteed for one year unless otherwise stated on the website and/or the catalog.

4.3 Returns of products, except chocolate products, will be in the original closed and complete packaging within 30 days from the purchase date, with a copy of the receipt, by registered mail only to:

EL AL Head Office, POB 41, Ben-Gurion Airport, 7015001, Attention: Duty Free Department. The customer is responsible for the proper packaging of the product, to avoid damage during shipping. A product that arrives broken will be returned to the sender.

Note that according to our refund police :
Cancellation fees: Subject to the applicable law, refund for returned products shall be provided subject to a deduction between the lower of: (1) 5% of the product's price or (2) NIS 100.

5. Eligibility for Using the Website

Every user is entitled to use the website and order products, subject to the following conditions:

5.1 The user , or the person for whom the product was purchased, is scheduled to fly on an EL AL or Sun D'Or flight within the next 30 days.

5.2 The user is able to execute binding legal actions. If you are a minor (under age 18) or may not execute legal actions without a guardian’s approval, your use of the website will be seen as though you received your guardian’s approval.

5.3 The user has an email address.

5.4 Tobacco products or accessories for smoking and/or alcohol will not be sold or ordered to minors (under age 18). This is to clarify that if it is discovered that a tobacco product and/or a product used for smoking tobacco and/or alcohol was purchased for a minor, the said product will not be supplied and the relevant directives pertaining to returning the product and crediting the purchaser’s account will apply.

6. Additional Conditions

6.1 A typographical error in the product description, as it appears on the website, including mistakes in the price of the product, will not be binding on the website or EL AL.

6.2 The website and/or EL AL and/or any party on their behalf will not be held responsible or accountable for any direct, indirect, consequential or particular damage caused to the user or a third party as a result of using or placing an order through the website, in keeping with these regulations, and will not be a cause for legal action, including in the case of loss.
6.3 This is to clarify that sole responsibility for the personal property of the passenger or the person made the order, insofar as it pertains to services provided within the Gift / Celebration in the Sky product, is to be borne by the passenger and not by EL AL or by the flight crew. 

7. Miscellaneous

7.1 The purchaser of duty free products on the plane should be aware of all taxes and restrictions imposed on the purchase of these products at the destination and will bear responsibility for them.

7.2 Interpretation and enforcement of these regulations and/or any action or disagreement emanating from them will be in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.

7.3 The authorized courts of law in Tel Aviv-Jaffa will have the exclusive authority to adjudicate all disagreements related to the order of products and/or services through the website.

7.4 The regulations can be changed at any time by EL AL, at its exclusive discretion.

Errors and omissions excepted

Enjoy the shopping!