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Corporation Responsibility

Ethical Code of the EL AL Family

To Lead - A leading national carrier
  • As Israel's leading airline, EL AL seeks to reinstate its economic soundness and ethical excellence to yield a return to all of its stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, civil society organizations, government agencies, and more).

Fairness and transparency
  • We strictly act fairly and transparently while making sure our decisions are not tainted by external considerations. We avoid any conflict of interest and interact reliably and fairly with all of our stakeholders. We are transparent and open in respect to all of our actions and assume personal accountability for them.

At home anywhere in the world
  • We seek to exceed our clients' expectations with the service we provide, and continually monitor and enhance our customers' experience. We strive to provide a home to all of our clients and people by attending to their needs and treating them with respect and appreciation.

Excellence and creativity
  • We combine excellence and creativity and are committed to strong performance to create significant value for our stakeholders.
  • We work with the future in mind, striving for perpetual resourcefulness, fast response, creativity and innovation, always placing the customer at the top of our priorities.

The people of EL AL
  • Our inner strength is the result of the true partnership between all of El-Al's people and our ability to work and grapple together, in collaboration and on terms of friendship, during ordinary times as well as in crisis situations. This inner strength allows us to realize our abilities while respecting and caring for the other and embracing diversity.

  • We acknowledge the importance of professionalism and act to be a learning organization which continually enhances the knowhow and professionalism of its people.

Teamwork and sharing
  • We work as a team both inside and outside the company, mutually assisting one another and attempting to see the broader picture to meet the missions and challenges ahead.

Safety and security
  • Safety and security are pivotal values for EL AL. We implement them in every activity area to ensure our customers, people and suppliers are safe and secure at the outmost.

Environmental and community responsibility
  • Our activity emanates from a sense of environmental and social responsibility, and we incorporate these considerations in our actions.
  • We are engaged in our community and appreciate our people's involvement and volunteering in the community.

Management and executive accountability
  • El-Al managers are professionals who use discretion in their work and assume accountability for all activity in the unit they are in charge of.
  • The company's management team and executives will be full partners in assimilating the Code and will provide a personal example in all their actions.