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EL AL Continues to Streamline, Reducing Operations on Unprofitable Routes – Flights to/from Odessa and Dnepetrovsk to be Discontinued

The flights operated once-weekly

The last flight on the Odessa route will depart on December 6, 2011
The last flight on the Dnepetrovsk route will depart on December 8, 2011

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “The sharp and continuing rise in fuel prices requires EL AL, like other airlines to re-examine its destinations.”

“EL AL operated direct flights on the Odessa and Dnepetrovsk routes on a once-weekly basis, which is not in line with EL AL's strategy of operating several weekly flights on key routes.

“The unprecedented hike in jet fuel prices, security outlays and the worldwide economic crisis led to this decision. This step is part of our efforts to coordinate operations and needs and to implement economizing measures aimed at cutting the airline’s expenses and optimizing our fleet and flight destinations.

“This reality forces us to reevaluate the economic feasibility of every destination and every flight.”

Publish Date 24/10/2011