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EL AL Enlarges Fleet of Planes and Upgrades Bangkok Route –
Boeing 747-400 to Join Fleet
New Aircraft Intended Mainly to Serve Bangkok Route

The plane will be used to increase passenger traffic and improve service on the Bangkok route, with 26 Business Class seats in the upper deck and 429 Economy Class seats on the lower deck.
This is the sixth aircraft in EL AL's 747-400 fleet. 

The aircraft’s maiden EL AL flight to Bangkok will depart on Saturday night, July 16

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “As part of our continuing trend of renewing and re-equipping our fleet, the airline has added an additional 747-400, which will increase capacity in both Economy Class and Business Class, upgrade service and the fleet on the Bangkok route and serve EL AL's long range routes.”

EL AL is adding a new 747-400 aircraft to its Bangkok route, joining the 767 and 777 planes that now serve the Far East destination. The plane is also expected to reinforce the airline’s fleet to medium and long range destinations.

The aircraft was received by EL AL in March 2011, following an agreement signed with R.B. Limited Leasing company and was reported in the airline’s 2010 financial reports.

During the past month renovations and adaptations were completed on the aircraft, which includes 455 seats, of which 26 are Business Class seats on the upper deck and 429 are Economy Class seats on the lower deck.

Aircraft Inflight Entertainment System:

In Economy Class
, the entertainment system features personal monitors with 6 channels.
3 movie channels
1 channel with Israeli entertainment content (Traffic Light, the Money Cab, Wonderful Land, Polishuk, etc.)
1 channel with American TV and HBO series (The Sopranos, Sex and the City, Entourage, etc.)
1 children’s channel – 15 hours of Disney channel contents, Hop!, children’s stories and plays

Business Class entertainment system: VOD, including:
150 video channels, of them 20 for Hollywood movies, 12 Israeli movies, 30 children’s stations, 6 channels for the religious community, stations with Israeli, American and HBO series, sports channels, music, documentaries, lifestyle programs, etc.
10 audio books of the best Israeli authors
60 music channels and albums
10 video games

Shkedy notes that the new aircraft is designed to suit the upgraded Bangkok route, improve the airline’s competitiveness with the increased activity of other carriers and to meet the increased demand for EL AL's long range flights, as well as to provide the airline with a larger supply of seats.

Publish Date 19/07/2011