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Renewal at EL AL - EL AL proudly presents: The Boeing 737-900ER – the most advanced narrow body aircraft in the world – now joining the EL AL fleet

The aircraft are spearheading EL AL's renewal in both service and technology, marking a significant upgrade in the flight experience.

The first of the airline’s six/eight new planes will take off tomorrow on its maiden flight to Paris, Flight LY319

As part of EL AL's fleet renewal program, the airline will invest some 320/430 million dollars in ergonomic seats and in a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

The Boeing 737-900ER is the most advanced narrow body aircraft in the world. Its many operational advantages make it more efficient and economical than other models.

The new plane will operate on EL AL's short- and medium-range routes to Europe.

For the first time in Israel and Europe, passengers will enjoy a sophisticated new entertainment experience through a unique system that enables passengers to receive inflight entertainment programs on their own personal equipment. This new system, based on streaming technology, will use Wi-Fi streaming to broadcast entertainment content to the passenger’s personal devices – smartphones, tablets or portable computers.

As part of the renewal impetus, EL AL is working together with the Gottex company to create a new look for EL AL's air crew uniforms

The new aircraft will be equipped with top quality, Swiss-made Nespresso coffee machines, making the coffee experience that much richer for EL AL's premium customers.

EL AL will soon introduce a new wine list for the premium classes. Sommelier Yair Haidu, a highly regarded wine connoisseur, has joined EL AL's professional staff and will oversee the choice of EL AL's next wine list.

EL AL's mobile application offers customers many services that can be completed anyplace in the world at any time: flight reservations, Express Check-In Service, information for Matmid members and more.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “EL AL's new 737-900ER aircraft represent the high point of EL AL's fleet renewal impetus.

“Last night the EL AL Board of Directors approved the purchase of two additional 737-900ER aircraft, for a total fleet of eight state-of-the-art aircraft.

“The purchase of the aircraft positions EL AL in the forefront of international technology and is expected to significantly upgrade passenger service and the flight experience.

“The fleet renewal will be funded entirely through long-range financing that does not significantly overburden EL AL's cash flow.

“The investment in cutting edge Business and Economy Class seats and the sophisticated entertainment system that will be inaugurated in the coming months is in line with the target we set for ourselves – to provide the best product and most advanced service for our passengers and thus maintain EL AL's standing as the preferred airline for flights to and from Israel.
“As part of the renewal impetus, I am delighted to announce that EL AL is one of the first airlines in the world (and the first on Israel – Europe routes) to offer streaming service for an advanced entertainment and information experience (“infotainment”). The importance of entertainment for enhancing the passenger’s flight experience led to our decision to invest in upgrading the entertainment on our narrow body 737 aircraft as well as on our 767 planes.”

The first of six aircraft will depart tomorrow on its maiden flight; the second is expected to arrive in early December, and by summer 2014 four more new planes will be received. By the beginning of 2016 the fleet will include six/eight aircraft.

The arrival of the new aircraft will convey the message of product renewal in various interfaces with the consumer.

The aircraft offers 16 Business Class seats and 156 seats in Economy Class.

Business Class passengers can stretch out in full comfort, with a 44” pitch

For Economy Class, EL AL purchased slim, lightweight ergonomic seats produced with state-of-the-art technology for maximal comfort.

To create a work- and leisure- supportive environment, all passengers will have electric outlets and USB connections near their seats as well as a unique entertainment system that will enable passengers to view entertainment content on their personal devices.

737-900ER Service Classes and Product

The 737-900ER aircraft will operate in a unique configuration of 172 seats.

Two Service Classes: 16 Business Class seats and 156 Economy Class seats.

Business Class Seats – The designated spacious Millennium Business Class seats offer full comfort with a 44-inch pitch. All seats are outfitted with electric outlets and USB connections for laptops.
In addition, passengers will enjoy a personal entertainment system (iPad) featuring the very best in entertainment content – movies, television programs, interactive computer games, music and more.

Economy Class Seats – First time ever on an EL AL fleet, slim and lightweight Pinnacle seats produced with state-of-the-art technology, featuring ergonomic cushions for maximum comfort.
The Economy Class seats offer passengers comfortable space with a back seat pocket located on the upper part of the seat.
Each row of Economy Class seats features electric outlets and USB connections for laptop computers.

Interior Design – A new interior design includes modern atmospheric lighting that changes during the flight and especially large and spacious luggage bins.

Upgrading the Flight Experience

Entertainment System on the New Aircraft

EL AL is proud to present a unique and advanced entertainment system that enables passengers to receive entertainment content on their personal devices. The state-of-the-art system broadcasts entertainment content, using streaming technology, to the customer’s smartphone, tablet or portable computer.

Passengers will be able to choose from dozens of films, hundreds of television programs, thousands of songs, a world of content for children, information for passengers and more.

This unique entertainment system, BoardConnect, which won the Crystal Cabin Award in 2012 and the APEX Avion Award 2012, was developed by Lufthansa Systems. It enables a user-friendly experience and gives customers full control in choosing films and other content, on demand, during the flight.

EL AL is the first airline to operate the system on flights to/from Israel and Europe. The system will be installed in ten 737 planes and two 767 aircraft during the first quarter of 2014.

Link to the system’s simulation film

Stefan Hansen, CEO Lufthansa Systems:
“We are proud that EL AL, one of the leading airlines in Europe, chose the BoardConnect system. This system, which has won various prizes, is an excellent example of Lufthansa Systems’ inventiveness. This is a revolution in inflight entertainment systems that not only upgrades the flight experience but enables airlines new and advanced ways to communicate with passengers on board.”

Top-Quality, Swiss-Made Nespresso Coffee Machine

The new 737-900ER will soon be equipped with Nespresso coffee machines, especially designed for airplanes, offering choice coffee blends for premium classes.

With the aim of improving the flight experience and reaching out to premium passengers, by means of taste and aroma, EL AL is launching a new partnership with the top quality Swiss brand, Nespresso, which is the highest positioned  home espresso producer in Israel and worldwide. Nespresso’s new coffee machines will be installed on the planes to improve the inflight service experience.
On the 737-900ER aircraft the coffee machines will be installed for the pleasure of Business Class travelers. In the next stage, Business Class cabins on the 747-400 fleet will also be outfitted with these machines, and the long-term objective is to integrate Nespresso machines in all premium classes on the EL AL fleet.

Business and First Class passengers will soon have a choice of three excellent Grands Crus, blends that were developed by Nespresso especially for the commercial segment: espresso Leggero, Decaffeinato and Ristretto.

New Look for EL AL Uniforms

As Israel’s leading airline, with crews who circulate throughout the world, EL AL places great importance on the appearance of its people.
As part of the airline renewal process, EL AL has teamed up with the Israeli and international fashion brand, Gottex, which shares many of the airline’s values,  to create a new look that will give EL AL personnel in Israel and worldwide, on the air and on the ground, cabin attendants and captains, a feeling of pride in representing Israel.

Molly Grad – Artistic Director of the Gottex Group: “The aim of the cooperation is to create a new, fresh look for EL AL crews and uniforms, while also keeping in mind the crew’s comfort and practicality.
“My creative and inspirational starting point was architectural-structural, which meant combining graphic elements that give depth and richness to the composition. The aim was to create color unity that would appear modern but would simultaneously become a classic in the making.”

EL AL's New Wine List

The process of choosing EL AL's wine list, to be launched soon, will be overseen by Sommelier Yair Haidu, with the participation of EL AL's Matmid frequent flyers.

As of November, EL AL premium class passengers will enjoy a menu that changes twice a year that, offering passengers a rich choice of wines, presenting more Israeli vineyards to tourists and to EL AL's loyal passengers in the premium classes. The wines will be alternated to suit winter and summer weather, affording an exclusive wine-savoring experience.

EL AL views the wines that it serves as a means of presenting Israel’s top quality vineyards and wines to both the Israeli and the international public on board its flights. The ever-improving quality of Israeli wines has earned recognition in international competitions within the aviation world, in which EL AL has won prizes.
Another avenue for providing exposure for wines from smaller but high quality boutique vineyards in Israel will be the Wine of the Month and the Find of the Month, to be introduced on EL AL flights.
In this way, EL AL will enable its regular passengers to enjoy the excitement of discovering new wines.

EL AL Application

EL AL is the first Israeli airline that allows passengers in Israel and around the world to reserve flight tickets through its application. And now, it is also possible to complete advance check-in on the app without having to print out a boarding card from 11 different destinations, or to choose a seat, to interface with the Matmid Club account and receive information about departures and landings. The application enables EL AL passengers to take advantage of the convenience, availability and efficiency of using mobile devices.

How can the app be downloaded?
App Store – for all Apple devices with an IOS 4.3 or higher operating system
Google Play – for androids with 3.0 or higher versions

Languages: Hebrew and English

What does the application include today?
  • Book a flight – a short and user friendly procedure for reserving international and domestic flights in Israel
  • Check-in – early check-in with a short and user-friendly procedure, with seat choice and receipt of a boarding card in 11 EL AL destinations around the world. There is no need to print out the boarding card. Simply show up at the boarding gate with the mobile device.
  • My Booking – check reservation details and choose a seat.
  • Departures and landings – information and tracking flights – departures and landings for the following 48 hours and reports of any delays – online information
  • Contact Us – all important contact details, telephone numbers of EL AL's Telephone Service Center and EL AL offices in Israel and worldwide
  • Link to EL AL's social networks
  • Seat upgrade – registration for Economy Class Plus and Preferred Seat
  • Deals – news about all of EL AL's deals and purchasing them on the mobile device
  • Matmid Frequent Flyer Club – information about tier status in the club, number of points accumulated, updating personal details, point conversions and most recent transactions

Coming Soon

Similar to the Vacation Planner on the EL AL website, we’ll offer specials and supplementary products for the travel and/or vacation experience: hotel reservations, car rental, audio guides for select itineraries, tips from EL AL people and surfers, and up-to-date exclusive information about various destinations.

Publish Date 27/10/2013