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EL AL Adopts Soldiers
EL AL Adopts Paratrooper Battalion 202

EL AL has joined the “Adopt a Battalion” Project and has adopted Paratrooper Battalion 202 for the next three years.

The project was initiated by the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel’s Soldiers – AWIS – and EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy.

As part of the adoption, EL AL will contribute money to the “basket” of wellbeing services of the paratrooper battalion; the funds are earmarked for the soldiers’ welfare and for offering financial assistance to soldiers in distress.

In addition, EL AL maintains direct contact with the battalion’s officers and soldiers, inviting them to airline events, offering discharged soldiers employment in the company’s many occupational frameworks, assisting soldiers who are on special leave and hosting groups of soldiers at the EL AL compound to deepen the ties and familiarize them the airline’s daily activities.

The adoption ceremony took place at the end of June as part of a Battalion 202 evening.

Participating in the ceremony were EL AL senior executives Mr. Dedi Borovich and CEO Elyezer Shkedy, the chairperson of the Association for the Welfare of Soldiers Avigdor Kahalani and EL AL Vice President Commercial and Aviation Ties David Maimon, who had been the chairperson of the Association when the project was instituted.

As part of the extensive cooperation, during the ceremony EL AL awarded outstanding soldiers of each squadron in the battalion with a flight ticket to Eilat, which surprised and delighted the soldiers.

EL AL believes that promoting and supporting our soldiers through this activity will enhance the welfare of the Battalion 202 soldiers, raise their morale and add another facet to a moving experience that unifies EL AL, the Israel Defense Forces and the community at large.

As a leading Israeli company, EL AL believes it appropriate to contribute to the community and to the welfare of the soldiers who protect and defend the country. 

Publish Date 17/08/2011