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EL AL Continues to Renew and Rejuvenate its Fleet – One Boeing 767-200 to be Retired from Service

After the Aircraft Is Retired from Service, EL AL will Continue to Operate 6
767-300 Planes and one 767-200, which Will Also Be Retired Soon

As part of the EL AL Renewal, Two Modern Boeing 737-900 ER are to Join the Fleet by the End of 2013 

These Planes are the first of 6 ordered by EL AL Airlines

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “This reflects EL AL's policy of rejuvenating its fleet and reducing the number of fleets. Last year EL AL removed its 757 fleet from service and now is retiring the 767-200 fleet that served the airline and its passengers for many years. The aim is to serve our customers in Israel and around the world with new and advanced aircraft.”

The 767-200 plane, named Mishmar HaEmek, operated on EL AL’s flights to Toronto, the Far East and various destinations in Europe.

When this aircraft joined EL AL, it was the first plane that allowed a direct, non-stop route to Chicago and Hong Kong. Later on, two 767-200s were used for opening the direct route to Miami.

During its years of operation, the aircraft accumulated 84,000 flight hours on 13,300 flights.

As part of the renewal process, EL AL purchased 6 new 737-900ER planes that are to join the airline’s fleet.

Publish Date 27/05/2013