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Chairman of the EL AL Board of Directors Amikam Cohen today announced the Appointment of David Maimon as the New EL AL CEO

Maimon will replace Brigadier General (Res) Elyezer Shkedy who is ending his term of office after 4 years

Amikam Cohen, EL AL Chairman of the Board of Directors, congratulated the CEO-elect and wished him success.

Cohen and the airline’s Board of Directors thanked Elyezer Shkedy for his 4 years of working to advance EL AL and noted that Shkedy’s special personality, leadership skills and contribution to EL AL merit special esteem.

The EL AL Directorate today decided unanimously to appoint David Maimon to the position of EL AL CEO. Amikam Cohen cited Maimon’s familiarity with the aviation industry and the airline and his ability to advance the airline successfully in this challenging period.

During the past 9 years David Maimon has served in various positions at EL AL. In his last position he was EL AL Vice President Commercial and Aviation Ties and led the company’s commercial and marketing policy. Prior to this position he was EL AL's Vice President Sales and Vice President Service.

David Maimon, is a Colonel (Res.) in the IDF. His last post in the army was as commander of the induction center. He retired from the IDF in 2000.

He has a BA in Sociology and the Social Sciences from Bar Ilan University and an MBA from Derby University.

David Maimon will begin the transition phase for his new post, with CEO Elyezer Shkedy, and is expected to assume his new position on March 20.

Publish Date 02/02/2014