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EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy, Israel Prize Laureate Photographer David Rubinger and Beersheba Mayor Rubik Danilovitch lit the third Chanukah candle yesterday at the opening of the “Moments in the Sky” exhibition displaying historic photos by David Rubinger at the EL AL Lounge.

The exhibition is also on display in the new EL AL Lounge in London.

Elyezer Shkedy: “David Rubinger’s photos have been adorning EL AL's corridors for many years, describing the history of the State of Israel from the flight experiences of the country’s prime ministers over the years. We are proud that our guests in EL AL lounges can also view the documentation of this same period of history.”

David Rubinger: “I was privileged to engage in one of the most fascinating professions in the world and during a very special era in our times: from the establishment of the State of Israel until today. I had the privilege of documenting tremendous victories as well as the atrocities of war and of documenting the joys and hopes of peace as well. I spent fascinating hours with the leading figures of the nation on EL AL aircraft. Even prime ministers fall asleep on long flights. Their feet also swell up… This exhibition brings documentation of these very human moments for the first time.”

The exhibition is on display in London as well, in EL AL’s new King David Lounge which was inaugurated at Heathrow Airport this month. The new Lounge is located near the boarding gate and is intended for the premium Classes – Business and First – as well as for Gold, Platinum and Top Platinum Matmid members. The Lounge has a seating capacity of 116 and is divided into two areas: the main space that serves all guests and a separate room for First Class passengers.
The opening of the exhibition was marked by the lighting of the third Chanukah candle, in the presence of Rabbi Yehuda Deri, Chief Rabbi of Beersheba.

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Publish Date 12/12/2012