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EL AL continues to streamline – reducing its personnel rolls – terminating the employment of 200 non-tenured employees and employees with personal contracts and introducing organizational changes

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “For a long time EL AL has been dealing with the difficulties faced by the aviation industry globally and particularly in Israel. The airline must further streamline its activities to suit changing market conditions. Therefore we must announce the termination of service of 200 non-tenured employees and those with personal contracts. We must become more efficient and reduce expenses in order to continue to face the challenges and increasing competition. We do this with a heavy heart and with the hope that this measure will strengthen EL AL in the future.” 

Due to the airline’s economic condition, increasing competition in the aviation industry in Israel and throughout the world, and the difficulty in implementing the airline’s present expenditure structure, a decision to take streamlining measures has been made. The first step will be to reduce the number of temporary employees as well as positions based on personal contracts. Likewise, organization changes are being planned that will reduce overhead expenses.

The airline plans to continue holding talks with the workers’ committee and the Histadrut, the General Labor Federation, in order to renew its labor contract and to take the necessary steps for streamlining the company in a manner that reduces expenses and increases administrative ability and commercial competitiveness.

EL AL feels a personal obligation to continue to serve its customers loyally.


Publish Date 17/02/2013