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EL AL Extends Economy Class Plus Service to its 767-300 Fleet as of February 18, 2013

In addition, the airline is continuing to upgrade and refurbish its fleet and is renovating its 767-300 aircraft.

As part of the upgrade, Economy Class Plus is being launched on the fleet and the overall appearance of the 767-300 planes is being upgraded

The refurbishing of all fleets is scheduled for completion by June 2013.

Following the success of Economy Class Plus on the 747-400 fleet, as evidenced by increased demand and high customer satisfaction, EL AL has decided to expand the class to other fleets, offering the upgraded flight experience to additional customers.

The recent upgrading of the airline’s 767-300 planes included the introduction of Economy Class Plus which will begin to operate on February 18, in addition to the Plus service on EL AL's 747-400, which has been available since July 2012.

EL AL's 767 aircraft are in use mainly on the Toronto, Johannesburg, Bangkok, Beijing and Mumbai routes.
The upgrade will include a general renovation of the cabin, including the installation of a modern lighting system and flat-screen overhead monitors for the enjoyment of all passengers.

Renewal of the planes included an upgrade of their overall appearance, including that of the lavatories, reupholstered seats, an improved LED lighting system and the introduction of Economy Class Plus.

The expansion of Economy Class Plus to the 767-300 fleet follows the success and high demand for this class on the airline’s 747-400 aircraft.

Economy Class Plus is situated at the front of Economy Class, offering a more comfortable, pampering and pleasant flight. Improved seats provide extra legroom (91.5 cm instead of 81.3 cm) and 33% greater recline; designated check-in counters and more “plusses.” 

In addition, every Business Class and Economy Class Plus passenger will receive an individual entertainment system – a state-of-the-art iPad with a rich selection of films, TV programs, games and music.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy notes: “This step is part of a strategy that calls for continually improving the product and customer experience.  EL AL is continuing the renewal impetus and upgrading its fleet for the comfort and pleasure of its passengers. In addition, the new 737-900 will join the EL AL fleet in October to further enhance the passenger flight experience on short range routes as well. Together with the addition of Economy Class Plus, these measures offer EL AL passengers a new flight experience. The Israel public prefers to fly EL AL. This is thanks to the warm homey feeling, the sense of security and the knowledge that EL AL is always there for them. We are doing our utmost to ensure that the public also enjoys the very best product at the most reasonable prices. In this way we will retain our standing as the first and preferred choice for flights to and from Israel.”

EL AL Vice President Maintenance and Engineering Shmuel Kuzi: “EL AL's Maintenance Division has invested heavily in the upgrade and renewal of the 767-300 fleet. This is a follow-up to the division’s installation of Economy Class on the airline’s Jumbo planes – the 747-400 fleet. We are now preparing to begin the Economy Class Plus on the 777 planes as well. While continuing to maintain flight safety, the Maintenance Division is constantly working towards upgrading and maintaining the EL AL fleet.”

As of February 18, 2013 Economy Class Plus will begin operations on the 767-300 fleet, priced at $80 or 160 Matmid points per flight segment to Europe and $150 or 300 points per flight segment to long range destinations.

EL AL’s Matmid Club members in the Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold tiers, as well as passengers who purchase upgradeable tickets in Economy Class, are entitled to seating in Economy Class Plus at no extra cost. In addition, a passenger accompanying a Top Platinum member may also be seated there at no extra cost.

Publish Date 19/02/2013