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Tour of Jerusalem by EL AL Management

As Part of a Tour of Jerusalem by EL AL Management, Bank Leumi Chairman David Brodet, Miki Berkowitz and Moshe Leon Wrote Letters in the “EL AL Torah Scroll for Israel Unity”

The project began about one year ago and the last letters are now being written in the Torah Scroll. Among the many who wrote letters in the Torah Scroll: Israel President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, members of the Olympic delegation, heads of organizations and leaders around the world.

Following the event, members of EL AL's management surprised Elyezer Shkedy with a gala dinner at Kedma Restaurant in honor of the CEO’s birthday

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy: “The project is based on the desire to strengthen ties between the Jewish public in Israel and the rest of the world and EL AL Airlines, and to bring them closer to one another.”

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy and the airline’s management toured Jerusalem, visiting the Yad Vashem Museum and the Western Wall tunnels. At the end of the tour an event was held in which the EL AL management hosted artists and religious leaders who wrote letters in EL AL's Torah Scroll which is currently being completed.

Attending the event and writing letters in the Torah were: Bank Leumi CEO David Brodet, Entrepreneur Miki Berkowitz and his wife Adi, Moshe Leon, EL AL Presenter Shlomo Baraba, Einat Sarouf, Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovich, CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Denise Bar Aharon, Didi Harari and members of the EL AL management.

The miniature Torah Scroll will be housed in the synagogue on the EL AL campus and will be carried on flights of national and historical significance.

Publish Date 09/08/2012