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EL AL Presents its Winter 2014 Timetable

EL AL Adds Flights and Expands the Supply of Seats on Direct flights to Cater to Business and Tourist Passenger Needs this Autumn/Winter 2014

More Flights on London Routes in Winter 2013:
EL AL will operate 4 weekly flights to London, Luton (2 more weekly flights than last winter), in addition to 11 flights to London, Heathrow. In all, 15 weekly flights will operate to London.

During peak season, EL AL is adding an additional weekly flight on the Bangkok route, on Thursday evenings to Bangkok and Saturday nights to Tel Aviv

Between October 2013 and March 2014, EL AL is operating:
23 weekly flights to North America – New York, Los Angeles and Toronto; 174 weekly flights to Europe; 22 weekly flights to the Far East and Africa – Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Johannesburg

EL AL will operate 17 weekly flights to New York, 18 flights to Paris, up to 7 flights to Bangkok, 15 flights to London and 12 flights to Moscow

In light of the popularity of Saturday night return flights from Europe to Tel Aviv, the new timetable includes an added flight from Rome, in addition to the current flights from Paris, London, Zurich, Barcelona, Frankfurt and Moscow.

EL AL Vice President Commercial and Aviation Ties David Maimon: “EL AL continues to improve and adapt itself to the needs of business travelers through timetable improvements, increased supply of flights and seats, an upgraded fleet and many other exclusive services.

“EL AL has invested great effort in meeting the needs of all customers, including business travelers, especially in the winter timetable. We are constantly examining additional options for increasing frequencies, improving the timetable and expanding the number of available seats as we respond to the special needs of our passengers. We are certain that EL AL will continue to be the first and preferred choice of passengers.”

Publish Date 03/10/2013