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EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer Club Offers a Special Benefit for the Passover Holiday – 20% More Points on Conversions of Credit Card Points

The deal will continue for one month, for conversions between April 13 and May 25 and will include Isracard, Cal, Leumi Card, Diners and American Express
For example – during the deal period, a customer who converts points earned from purchases with credit cards for an amount equal to 100 Club points, will actually receive 120 Club points.
EL AL Marketing Director Einat Yanai: “Point conversion is a favorite benefit of many Matmid members. By improving the conversion ratio, we are enabling members to accumulate more Matmid points and reach upgrade vouchers and bonus tickets faster. This is an especially significant benefit that has been very successful in past years.”

Apart from earning points from EL AL flights, members of the frequent flyer club   can earn points from partner companies as well, including credit card companies in Israel. Transferring points from credit cards to the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club is an especially attractive benefit for Matmid members.

In fact, every daily transaction using a credit card brings the Club member closer to a bonus ticket or upgrade.

Most members who convert credit card points use them to supplement missing points for bonus or upgrade vouchers (added to points earned from flights).

In addition to the conversion deal, Club members can enjoy a discount of up to 600 points on their bonus tickets:

A discount of up to 300 points will be given when using bonus tickets to nearby destinations (all of Europe) and a discount of 600 points on transatlantic destinations.
The discount will be given for using partner points as part of the deal; Matmid members can fly with these deal vouchers until June 24, 2011.
This deal enables Club members who convert credit card points to enjoy double benefits – 20% more points when converting the points and bonus deals at very attractive prices.
Full details of the deal and the deal regulations can be found on the EL AL website.


Publish Date 14/04/2011