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Exclusive EL AL and Harel Insurance Partnership:
EL AL Customers Can Book Exclusive Travel Insurance Online – in One Click

EL AL Vice President Commercial David Maimon: “EL AL continually strives to provide its passengers with added value, not only inflight, but also when purchasing a flight ticket on the airline’s website. In addition to the airline’s cooperative ventures with many other partners, EL AL now offers its passengers the option of purchasing travel insurance easily and conveniently when purchasing flight tickets.”

EL AL and Harel Insurance have launched a cooperative venture enabling EL AL customers purchasing their flight tickets on the EL AL website to also purchase Harel overseas travel insurance.

As part of the expanded supplementary services EL AL offers passengers on its website and the partnership with Harel, customers purchasing flight tickets on the EL AL website can easily and conveniently purchase Harel overseas travel insurance. With one click, the system transfers you from the EL AL website to the Harel website, where EL AL passengers are offered an exclusive overseas travel insurance policy – Harel Departure. At the conclusion of the purchase process, the policy is automatically sent to the passenger’s email.

Harel Departure is a broad policy that can be tailored to travelers’ personal needs, destination and type of travel. The policy gives passengers traveling overseas extensive coverage for cancelations, cutting trips short, baggage and carry-on luggage, late arrival of baggage; coverage for valuables, replacement of documents, baggage stolen from vehicles, travel delays, medical expenses during overseas hospitalization, continued hospitalization in Israel following accidents overseas, non-hospital medical expenses overseas, medications, emergency dental and periodontal treatment, physiotherapy, evacuation to hospital on land, sea or air, medical transport, psychological treatment for the insured party and/or a close relative, special expenses for hiring an escort to care for the insured party overseas, etc.

Harel Departure can be extended to cover the insured party’s medical condition, special needs, and travel destination. For example, it is possible to broaden the policy to include medical deterioration of an existing illness, pregnancy up to 32 weeks for passengers up to 39 years of age, winter sports, challenge sports, loss of capacity for work as a result of accidents, coverage for laptop computers and cell phones, etc.

Publish Date 08/02/2011