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EL AL and Steimatzky – Between Heaven and Earth – Announce a First of its Kind Partnership on EL AL Flights:
“Our Story”
Passengers flying overseas are invited to participate in a short story competition on the subject of “HOME” and win publication of a First Book and a flight for two to Europe.

The winner will be announced during Israel Book Week

The investment in this project is about half a million shekels.

EL AL CEO Elyezer Shkedy said today:
“EL AL, the national carrier, strives to offer the traveling public a ‘home-like’ experience and to ensure that passengers feel at home with EL AL. It was from this sense of belonging that the idea arose to let the passengers give free rein to their imagination and create the concept of ‘home’ while producing their own creative works. This will also make the flight time more pleasurable and give them a breakthrough opportunity into the literary world.”

Steimatzky CEO Iris Barel said today:
“Steimatzky offers consumers many opportunities to encourage reading and nurture Israeli culture, as part of our identity as “the people of the book.” Our cooperation with EL AL constitutes a true connection to the values of belonging and love of the land, which have been inseparable parts of Steimatzky’s very existence and activities for decades. I hope that through this partnership, passengers will experience a gush of creative spirit and love for the written word and for the value of “home,” which each of us interprets individually. Together we will bring the author to his or her long awaited First Book.”

EL AL and Steimatzky have joined forces to make flight time more pleasurable for passengers. Throughout March 2011, they will hold a short story competition called “Our Story,” inviting EL AL passengers to write a story on the subject of “Home” during the course of the flight.
Four Israeli authors – Michal Shalev, Ram Oren, Ofir-Touche-Gafla and Asher Kravitz – took part in this project, contributing four introductions on the subject of “home.”
All passengers wishing to take part in the competition will receive a booklet featuring the four introductions. All they have to do is to choose one and continue writing their own original story. Another option is to write a story completely independently without using one of the given introductions.In the course of the flight, all passengers taking part in the competition will receive a postcard which when submitted to one of the Steimatzky stores will entitle them to a gift of one year’s free membership in the Our Story Club.

The Procedure:

  • All stories will be collected and handed in to Steimatzky where they will be assigned to readers to be read and sorted.
  • Of the stories handed in, 30 will advance to the final stage of the competition.
  • Of these 30 stories that enter the final stage of the competition, 20 stories will be published in an anthology that will be sold at Steimatzky stores.
  • The winning author from among these 30 stories will be entitled to have his or her First Book published by one of the leading publishers and will also win a flight ticket for two to any destination in Europe, to be used during the coming year.

The winner will be announced during Israel Book Week.

EL AL and Steimatzky invite consumers to check the EL AL and Facebook websites for updates about the stories that reach the finals. They will be happy to award each one with a voucher for joining Steimatzky’s “My Book” Club. The Steimatzky club updates members each month on subjects of interest and offers benefits and discounts: dozens of titles each month at discounts of up to 60% - including best sellers, discounts in the music departments, discounts on foreign language books and additional discounts on games, gadgets and more.

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Publish Date 02/03/2011