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All about – EL AL's website

Here at EL AL we are well aware of the things that are important to our customers. So right up-front on the home page you'll find highly useful information: The reservations system; information on car rentals in Israel and abroad; on-line timetables for all scheduled flights; information on take-offs and landings at airports around the globe.

What else can you find on our website?

Want to save time during the flight?
On the website you'll find the complete catalog of duty-free items sold on board EL AL.

Are you a Frequent Flyer?
With one click you'll find information on EL AL's Frequent Flyer ("Matmid") Club; accumulating points; special benefits; how to join the club online.

What is the early check-in service?
How can kids fly alone?
What special services are available for passengers traveling with infants? Find all these answers, and many more, on the "About your flight" page of the website

EL AL's website – the background:
Our aim is to provide users with a unique, informative and user-friendly internet experience. To this end, five companies united in building the site's various components: