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New! Art & Lounge in Newark

New! Newark Lounge Art & Lounge

New! Art & Lounge at Newark Airport Opens Doors to EL AL's Premium Class Customers

The lounge is located on the Gate Level of Terminal B nearby the EL AL check-in counters and next to duty free.

The lounge is available to EL AL premium customers flying from Newark seven days a week, with spacious seating for 90 people.

The Luxury Lounges Ltd. Company, which established the lounge, set high standards for food and service, and excellence in art and design as well.

The lounge serves as a venue for exhibitions of contemporary art and design that enrich the visitors’ visual cultural experience.

A rich and varied menu offers sweet and salty muffins, a health bar with a selection of vegetables, cheese, dried fruit, granola, breads and snacks as well as kosher refreshments. In addition to hot and cold beverages, white and red wine and quality label beer are also served.

The lounge features a business area including wireless internet for the use of guests.

To view the lounge

Photo by: Shahar Azran
Photo by: Shahar Azran
Photo by: Shahar Azran
Photo by: Shahar Azran