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Airports in Israel

Information on Israel airports

Airports in Israel

Airports in Israel, most of which were built during the British Mandate, serve many passengers, tourists from around the world and all those who wish to travel to various destinations worldwide from Israel or from other destinations to Israel. Some of Israel's airports operate regular international flights, while other airports are used solely for internal flights. Israel's airports serve tens of thousands of passengers each month and receive many visitors with open arms every season.

Airports in Israel that are used for international flights

Heading the list of airports in Israel for international flightsis Ben Gurion Airport, the largest airport in Israel, which is used for international flights and is considered the main air gateway to the country. Ben Gurion Airport includes two main terminals: the first is used for international flights, while the second, used in the past for internal flights (mainly flights to Eilat) and sometimes for international flights, is currently used as UPS' logistics center.

Ovda is another airport which is used for international flights. Ovda airport is located about 40 kilometers north of Eilat and is considered the country's second largest airport after Ben Gurion airport. Ovda also serves as a flight base of the Israeli Air Force. The third airport is Eilat Airport, which was established in the town in 1949, and is used for domestic flights departing to and coming from Sede Dov (Tel Aviv) Airport, Ben Gurion Airport and Haifa Airport. In addition, Eilat Airport is used for international flights in small to medium airplanes.

Airports in Israel that are used for domestic flights

Some of the airports in Israel serve for domestic flights only. This group includes the following airports: Haifa Airport, which serves for international flights too, mainly civil flights. Flights depart from Haifa Airport to Eilat Airport, as well as to Sede Dov (Tel Aviv) Airport. International airports departinf from Haifa Airport land in close destinations, such as flights to Larnaca, flights to Rhodes, and so on.
Sede Dov (Tel Aviv) Airport operates mainly domestic flights and sometimes international flights. Rosh Pina Airport (also known as Mahanayim Airport) serves mainly for flights to Tel Aviv. The Kiryiat Shmone Airport, which was active until 2009, isn't active anymore. Another airport, which serves as a domestic airport is located in the city of Herzliya. It is considered a civil airport for light flights. Sede Teman Airport, which is located north to Beer Sheba, is another small airport that serves mainly for light flights, gliding and as a parachuting school. Megido Airport served in the past as a base for the Royal British Air Force. Nowadays it serves for light flights as well as flying models and mini remote piloted airplanes.

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