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Ben Gurion Airport (Natbag)

Useful information for tourists – Ben Gurion Airport in TLV

Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport in TLV, which is considered the largest airport in the country, offers its advanced and efficient services to all its visitors. Ben Gurion Airport comprises several levels: Level 3 is used for departures; the travelers arrive directly to this level. Level 2 is used for public transportation. Level G is used for incoming and outgoing travelers. This level hosts the reception hall. Level S hosts the train station. Ben Gurion Airport is adapted for people with disabilities, and it offers its services 24x7 for its many visitors. Flights to a variety of EL AL destinations depart from Ben Gurion Airport.

How to arrive to Ben Gurion Airport?

You can reach the airport through the Egged bus lines that arrive directly to the Airport City area. You can proceed directly to the terminal via a special shuttle, free of charge. Another way to get to the airport is by train, whose station is located in Level S, next to the reception hall. To reach from the station directly to the hall, you can use the elevators, stairs or escalators. Passengers wishing to continue on domestic flights and arrive from the train station to Terminal 1, can do so by using the internal shuttle service, located on floor 2, in front of Terminal 3.

Services offered by Ben Gurion Airport

Restaurant - at the airport you can find three restaurants, choice of several cafes, a pizzeria and burgers place. You can also find the VIP lounges offering light meals.

Change services - at the airport you can find three branches of banks, which are located in the reception hall and provide change services. Bank counters can also be found in the departures lounge.

Shops / Duty Free - the airport offers a variety of duty-free shops, from fashion stores, electronics, clothing, toys, music stores and more.

Services for the disabled passengers - the airport offers support and assistance for passengers with disabilities 24x7. You can apply directly to the information desk, in order to call the service representatives and receive the necessary assistance.

Parking lots – the airport offers three short term parking lots. The first is located in front of Terminal 3 and is used for parking for up to 24 hours, the second is a parking lot No. 1, located in front of Terminal 1, and the third is parking lot No. 13, which is used for parking in the cargo area, and operates from 5 am to 8 pm.

Car rental - the counters of car rental companies can be found on the first floor of Terminal 3, in the reception hall. The counters are open 24 hours a day, and they offer a free shuttle directly to the vehicles' area. A limousine service can also be found in this area.

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