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Lounge News

Now at the King David Lounge:

 To and From Your Flight in Lexus Luxury

EL AL, in cooperation with Lexus, will offer EL AL premium customers pampering transportation in prestigious Lexus cars.
In the first stage, this exclusive transportation service will be offered to EL AL's First Class* passengers. At a later stage, the service will be extended to include EL AL's premium members of the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club.

* Passengers who are entitled to transportation

 ”Moments in the Sky,” an exhibition by Artist David Rubinger, Israel Prize Laureate (1997), King David Lounge

EL AL is proud to present ”Moments in the Sky”, an exhibition by Artist David Rubinger.
This exhibition documents, for the first time, those very “human” moments in the history of Israel that are intertwined with the EL AL story.
Rubinger spent many hours on EL AL flights with Israel’s great leaders. This photographic exhibition features historical pictures of past prime ministers, such as Golda Meir, Menahem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir, Yitzhak Rabin, Shimon Peres as well as many of Israel’s founding fathers.

David Rubinger, Israel Prize Laureate (1997):

I chose the term ”photojournalist“ without really knowing what it was as
a young soldier in the Jewish Brigade of the British Army during World War II.

A Parisian girl named Claudette in 1945 gave me a gift: an “Argus” 35 mm camera. Until that day I had never held a camera - not even a box of Kodak. I fell in love. Well with Claudette and photography. And that’s when I decided what I wanted to do in my life.
I had the privilege of engaging in one of the world’s most fascinating subjects. Not only that, but also in a very special time: the establishment of the State of Israel until the present.

I had the privilege to see the founding fathers up closely; and through the camera lens becoming a nation of a few 600,000 to seven million; recorded when we won great victories and documented the horrors of war and as well the joys and hopes of peace.
I spent fascinating hours with the greatest leaders aboard EL AL aircraft. Even prime ministers fall asleep on long flights. Their feet also swell...

This exhibition presents the first documentation of those human moments.
Thus was born one of the photographs shown here:On an EL AL flight from Tel Aviv to New York, Aliza Begin as “Cinderella” and her husband, Prime Minister Menachem Begin, playing “the Prince”.

Behind each of the images presented there is a story. Thank God, all of the stories are happy.

David Rubinger
Israel Prize Laureate (1997)

To view a selection of photos in full size click on the image.


 Fly at the New NGN Speed!

Wireless High Speed Bezeq Business Internet in the EL AL King David Lounge

Bezeq Business offers guests at EL AL's King David Lounge web surfing at 30 MB via Bezeq’s new NGN network.

The new network assures especially speedy surfing reaching 100 MB and even 1 GB when necessary.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art HotSpots systems installed by Bezeq Business, hundreds of guests can connect to the Internet simultaneously, by personal computers or smartphones, from anyplace in the Lounge, and enjoy a perfect surfing experience. 

Web-surfing is offered to EL AL's Lounge guests, free of charge, courtesy of Bezeq Business.

Wireless High Speed Bezeq Business Internet in the EL AL King David Lounge

Wireless High Speed Bezeq Business Internet in the EL AL King David Lounge

 NEW! Cigar Club at the King David Lounge

For the pleasure of cigar lovers, a cigar room has opened at the Business Class Lounge on the Gallery Floor, sponsored by David’s Cigar.
Cigar lovers can enjoy a good smoke until just before they board.
And to make it even more pleasurable, a choice of alcoholic drinks drinks are available.

  • For cigars only.
  • Cigars not available, please provide your own personal cigars.

Cigar Club at the King David Lounge