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EL AL's Mobile Phone App

EL AL's Mobile Phone App

Download EL AL's mobile app and manage your flight reservation easily, conveniently and quickly.

EL AL is proud to launch its new mobile application that enables you to book a flight and manage your reservation anytime and anyplace.

With this application you can perform the following flight-related actions:

  • Book a Flight – Reserve you flight from anywhere to any destination
  • My Flight – Choose your seat on the flight and submit your Matmid Club membership number.
  • Hotel Reservation – Book a hotel room at a special rate at any destination, in cooperation with the leading hotel website
  • Car Rental – Rent a car in over 6000 destinations around the world at the best rates for EL AL customers!
  • Audio Tours – Tour the easy way at over 70 destinations, with EL AL's audio tour application.
  • TIP TOP – The application with all the tips that make every travel experience unforgettable! Enter for original tips from EL AL crew members and passengers.
  • Express Check-In Service – Save time at the airport; use EL AL's Express Check-In Service on your mobile phone.
  • Social Networks – Visit EL AL on the social networks too.
  • Contact Us – Phone numbers of EL AL offices in Israel and worldwide.
  • Arrivals and Departures – Find up-to-date information about EL AL flight times.
  • Deals – All of EL AL's hot deals!
  • Matmid Club – Update your details, check out your points, calculate and convert points.
  • Seat Upgrade – Register for Economy Class Plus or for a Preferred Seat. You can upgrade your seat on your next flight!


EL AL's Mobile Phone App

Boarding Card on Your Smartphone

New! EL AL Launches New Service for App Users – Boarding Card on Your Smartphone

The service saves precious time at the airport! All you have to do to use Express Check-In Service at a click is download the EL AL app to your smartphone

With your boarding card on your phone, you go through all the service stops at the airport quickly: at check in counters, at Passport Control, at Duty Free shops, at the boarding gate and even at the entrance to the plane.

At each station, just display your boarding card on your phone – no need to print out a paper boarding card.

The service is available at the following stations: Newark, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, Marseilles, Barcelona, Vienna, Brussels, Warsaw, Prague and Frankfurt and will soon be available at additional EL AL stations.


EL AL Surfs the Cellular Wave

The new cellular service enables you to obtain data on all of today's
EL AL flights, by sending an SMS message as follows:

  • Enter Messages – Text messages – Create message
  • Compose a new message including the flight number (e.g., 001), space, date (without the month - e.g. 15), space
  • Send the message to telephone number ELAL (3525) and wait a moment
  • The system will send you a return message with the flight departure and arrival times.

For your convenience, you can save the message as a "Saved Message" and send it again to EL AL at a later time.

In addition, you can receive information about additional services on your cell phone.
  • LUGGAGE ALLOWANCE ON EL AL FLIGHTS. Simply send the word BAGGAGE (or כבודה in Hebrew) to Tel. ELAL (3525).
  • A new service that allows passengers to check the STATUS OF LOST BAGGAGE. Simply send the word BAG and the number of the loss report, comprised of 5 letters and 5 digits.
    For example, BAG XXXXX99999
    This message should be sent to Tel. 3525.

    The reply states the status of the lost baggage, as received from an international database and should appear as follows:

    Registration For Automatic Messages On Flight Changes
    You can register to receive automatic messages on flight changes:
    • Enter Messages – Text messages – Create message
    • Compose a new message including the flight number (e.g. 001); space; date (without the month, e.g., 15); space; 1 for registration or 0 for Deletion from the service.
    • Send the message to telephone number ELAL (3525) and wait a moment
    • The system will send you a message confirming your registration to the service. Any change in flight time will result in an automatic message until landing time or deletion from service

    Flights to Israel – Reservations

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    SMS Check-In

     SMS Check-In

    This unique service offered by EL AL, enables Express Check-In by text messaging (SMS), making the Express Check-In process by cell phone simpler and easier than ever.

    After receiving a text message (SMS) from EL AL and your confirmation, you are routed directly to the final stage of check-in.

    Upon arrival at the airport, you can print out the boarding card at the designated printing kiosk or approach the special Express Check-In counters.