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Economy Class Plus

Economy Class Plus
EL AL invites you to enjoy a more comfortable, more pleasant and more pampering flight experience!  Economy Class Plus

New! Due to demand, Economy Class Plus seats on the 767-300 fleet

  • Greater pitch between rows (36” instead of 32”)
  • 33% greater incline than in Economy Class
  • Special footrest
  • Economy Class Plus is situated at the front of Economy Class, with 34 – 40 seats in 5 – 8 rows, depending on the aircraft.
  • The Class is separated from Economy Class by a curtain (will be performed in several stages)
  • The improved ergonomic seat is more comfortable, affording the passenger a feeling of spaciousness.


About Economy Class Plus Service:

  • Designated check-in counters
  • Individual entertainment system (on the 767 fleet - a state-of-the-art iPad for every passenger)
  • More comfortable work and entertainment environment, including an electric outlet*
  • Economy Class meals
  • Alcoholic beverages as served in Economy Class
  • Special comfort kit
  • Business Class pillow and blanket
  • And many more features for a richer flight experience

  • Electric outlet installation throughout the planes will be performed in several stages.

Would you like to treat yourself to a more pampering flight experience?

Sign up now to be listed for a seat in Economy Class Plus on your next flight and we will contact you within the next 24 hours.
Being seated in Economy Class Plus entails a fee.

New! Due to demand, Economy Class Plus seats on the 767-300 fleet are now on sale for flights beginning February 18, 2013.

Registration for Economy Class Plus is available to every passenger holding an EL AL ticket, from any ticket class and all types of ticket, including bonus tickets.
EL AL Passengers in classes with full flexibility (Y, S, and M classes) are entitled to be seated in the Class for free when reserving their flight, subject to seat availability.

The price per each flight segment on long range destinations is $150 (USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Africa and India).
The price per each flight segment on short range destinations is $80.

Matmid members

• Top Platinum, Platinum and Gold Matmid members enjoy priority for these seats at
  no cost when making a reservation*
• Top Platinum Matmid members are entitled to be accompanied by one
  passenger in Economy Class Plus for free.

  * Subject to seat availability in the Class

• Matmid members may purchase seats in Economy Class Plus for points:
  The price per each flight segment for a seat to the long range destination flights is 300 points.
  The price per each flight segment for a seat to the European destinations is 160 points.

The Class is available on the 747-400 fleet as of July 1, 2012.

Economy Class Plus will be available for flights on the 767-300 fleet from February 18, 2013. 

Changing the means of payment from money to points or from points to money entails a fee of $20 per reservation.


Economy Class Plus