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New at EL AL!!!
Workshop for Coping with Fear of Flying

EL AL understands that for some passengers flying is not something to be taken for granted. Therefore we have decided to open a special workshop to deal with fear of flying. This is the first workshop conducted by expert staff members from both the psychological and aviation fields.

The psychological staff headed by Dr. Sergio Marchevsky will teach and practice cognitive-behavioral methods for dealing with fear of flying with workshop participants. Today, cognitive-behavioral treatment is considered the worldwide Gold Standard for reducing and eradicating anxiety symptoms; its efficacy has been proven scientifically through dozens of studies in various places in Israel and around the world.


Fear of flying can be treated and overcome!
The Israel national carrier, together with Dr. Sergio Marchevsky, is developing a unique workshop for coping with fear of flying. This is the first workshop to combine the efforts of professionals from the field of psychology who are experts in dealing with anxiety and fear, and professionals from the aviation field, including an EL AL captain, an Israel Air Force pilot and the technological training staff.

 The 4-meeting workshop totaling approximately 16 hours, will include:
Psychological explanations of fears, anxieties and fear of flying.
How to cope with fear-generating negative thinking. An introduction to automatic negative thinking and ways to change thinking through cognitive structuring that aims to redefine negative interpretations that can lead to anxiety.
Techniques for managing stress through breathing exercises, relaxation and guided imagery.
Gradual exposure to triggers that arouse fears, including the use of flight simulators accompanied by a staff of professional psychologists.
Between meetings, participants will be given assignments for practicing and internalizing the skills for managing stress and fears.

Cost of workshop is: 2900₪ + VAT

Matmid Club members receive a 10% discount on the price of the workshop.

  • EL AL reserves the right to change the price or scope of the workshop with no prior notice.
  • Canceling participation in the workshop entails a cancelation fee to be determined by EL AL and subject to the Consumer Protection Law. 

Location of workshop: EL AL Head Office, Ben-Gurion Airport
Contact information and registration:
Training Division and Organizational Development
Tel. 03-9714552
Email address: 

The workshop staff wishes you a pleasant flight!

Participation in the workshop is contingent upon an interview in order to create homogenous groups, as well as a security check for entering the EL AL campus at Ben-Gurion Airport.

Meanwhile, for anyone who has some fears, here are a few tips for reducing fears before and during a flight:

  • Avoidance preserves and intensifies fears, so do not avoid flying.
  • Remember that anxiety and physical reactions to anxiety such as accelerated heartbeat, perspiration, dizziness and hyperventilation are not dangerous. Anxiety passes after a while (from a few minutes up to 40 minutes at most, on average) and fears of losing control, fainting, and going crazy are only worrisome thoughts in your head that will not actually happen.
  • Anyone interested in beginning to fly should do so gradually (in an increasing order of difficulty, like climbing a ladder). It’s advisable to begin with a short flight and then progress to longer flights, until it is possible to complete a transatlantic flight. It is also advisable to fly first with someone who radiates calm confidence and only later fly without that person.
  • Before flying it is advisable to avoid reading about plane accidents and to remind yourself that most flights reach their destinations safely.
  • Before and during the flight, it is recommended to perform relaxation exercises, using calming breathing: focus attention on breathing, inhaling and exhaling. It helps to try diaphragm breathing in the following way: imagine that you have to inflate a balloon in your belly, breathe in and count silently to three, exhale slowly while holding in your abdominal muscles and count silently to six. It may also help to repeat a relaxing word while breathing out: re… lax…
  • Exercises to contract and relax muscles: Alternately contract and relax your body muscles. First concentrate on contracting the feet (while counting to 3) and then relax them (silently counting to 3). Do the same with the calves, the thighs, the abdomen (strongly contract the abdominal muscles and draw them inward to a count of 3) and then relax them to a count of 3. Now it’s time for the arms: strongly contract your hands to a count of three and relax them to a count of 3. Move up to the shoulders, lifting them towards the ears to a count of 3 and then relaxing and dropping them quickly at the count of 3. And finally, the face: contract the eyes, strongly contract the mouth and forehead and then relax while silently counting to 3 on both the contraction and relaxation.
  • Imagine a safe place. After the contraction and relaxation exercise, close your eyes and imagine a safe comfortable place (for example, the beach, a living room sofa, a cabin in the woods, etc.). Imagine the feelings, sounds and sights there, and begin to relax your muscles, working up from your feet to your face. At the end of the guided imagery and other exercises, in your mind return to the plane and retain the safe and comfortable feeling you have created.
  • During the flight it is recommended to focus your attention on music, or pass the time reading, watching a movie, conversing with others and sometimes taking a walk around the plane.