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Food Allergy

 Peanut Allergy

EL AL Israel Airlines Ltd. recognizes that some passengers may have allergic reactions to peanuts. Unfortunately, although we have instructed our catering suppliers to refrain from uplifting any peanut product on board, EL AL cannot guarantee a peanut-free environment if allergic passengers choose to fly with us.

Peanut-free meals
EL AL is investing time and efforts in serving meals and snacks on board its flights without peanut products. As mentioned, our Catering suppliers have been instructed to refrain from uplifting any peanut product on board. Nevertheless, EL AL cannot guarantee against accidental cross-contamination of peanut products within the network of flight kitchens worldwide during catering production.

Peanut-free cabin EL AL cannot guarantee a peanut free aircraft cabin as EL AL cannot stop all passengers from bringing their own peanut products onboard nor is EL AL able to prevent passengers from opening or eating such products. Further, residual peanut products from passengers may be left in aisles, common areas or on seats from one flight to the next.

Therefore, EL AL strongly recommends its passengers to check with their own physicians on their fitness to fly given this situation. Furthermore, due to the heightened security environment, passengers need to obtain a letter from their physician to certify that they have a medical need to carry a syringe in their carry-on luggage.

Passengers with peanut allergies should take steps to minimize their potential exposure and to take all necessary precaution to prepare for the possibility of exposure – including bringing their own food items, wearing a medical alert bracelet, carrying of their ready-for-use epinephrine (Epi-pens) or other appropriate anaphylaxis treatment prescribed by their physician which can be self administered. Travel companions, guardians or family members are expected to administer treatment should it be required. If they are not available, the affected passenger is expected to self-administer prescribed treatment specifically prescribed by their physician.

EL AL encourages its passengers allergic to peanuts to print this page and take it to their physicians for discussion prior to making a booking. Such passengers or their physician are invited to contact EL AL’s Customer Relationship, phone number +972 (3) 9716281 if they have any questions or concerns.