Pets Transportation Costs

Cost of Transporting Pets
  • The cost of transporting pets is based on the weight of the pet + the carry-case + pet food.
  • Rates applicable for pets accompanied by the owner.
  • Live animals (pets – dogs, cats and exotic birds only) weighing up to 8 kg (including container) will be accepted for carriage in the cabin with an accompanying passenger, on condition that they are carried in a cage – soft or hard – no larger than 40 x 40 by 21 centimeters and can be stored under the passenger's seat. El Al Reservations must be notified in advance.
    Live animals weighing more than 8 kg will be carry in the hold of the plane.
  • Payment can be made at the EL AL cashier at the airport or at an EL AL branch.
  • Payment for transporting animals is separate; it is not calculated as part of the passenger's regular baggage weight.
  • If there is a continuation flight with another carrier, passengers should arrange payment directly with the foreign carrier.
  • The costs are not applicable on code share flights operated by foreign carriers.
  • A passenger with an open ticket pays the charge for a round trip, even if the return date is not known.


  • Pet weight of up to 8 kilos$100 for one way.
  • Pet Weight of 9-50 kilos$200 for one way.
  • Pet Weight of 51-100 kilos$400 for one way.
  • For transporting pets weighing over 100 kilos, please contact EL AL Cargo in advance, at 03-9716679.