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Conditions and Handling

Conditions and Handling
  • The pet must be carried in a strong, closed container, purchased by its owners and approved by an El Al representative.
  • The animal must not give off offensive odors. The container must be padded with a soft material that absorbs dampness and must be constructed in a way that prevents leakage. (Its dimensions may not exceed 40X40X21 cm, to be approved for transport in the passenger cabin.)
  • “Seeing-eye/hearing guide dogs” accompanying blind/deaf passengers are to be carried free of charge, without container, provided the dog is leashed.
  • For acceptance to UK the dog will not be permitted to travel in the passenger cabin under any circumstances. The dog must be manifested with bill of lading as for any other imported product.
  • For acceptance to Johannesburg, these dogs must go through the Customs booth in the passengers' hall.
  • Bangkok requires that a copy of the veterinary permits be attached to the animal's cage.
  • France strictly forbids the entry of pet food into the country
  • In accordance with the directives of Rumanian authorities, as of February 28, 2012, it is forbidden to import any types of animals to Rumania for commercial purposes.
    Animals accompanying passengers, with appropriate documentation, will be allowed in the passenger cabin or as freight in the aircraft hold, in accordance with procedures.