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  • All pets authorized for carriage must be provided with a health/vaccination Certificate and Entry Permits required by the relevant authorities at transit and/or destination stations.
  • Carriage of animals to Israel: Dogs, cats and birds (more than two of each type) and other animals, arriving with or without their owners, require a Veterinary Import permit issued by the Director of Veterinary Services.
    Address: Ministry of Agriculture,
    P.O.B 12 BEIT DAGAN 50250, ISRAEL
    Tel: 972-3-9688986
    Fax: 972-3-9688963
    or the Ramle Quarantine Station P.O.B. 63 RAMLE, ISRAEL
    Fax: (972) 8 9229906. A written request for such permits should be submitted, with a valid check (rates are subject to change) no later than 10 days before the planned departure of the animal. The request should include the animal species, gender, breed, age, information about its arrival in Israel, country of origin and other details.
  • Dogs, cats and birds (up to two of each type), arriving with or without their owners, after being in their possession abroad for at least 90 days, are exempt from an Israel Veterinary Import Permit, but they must bear an inoculation certificate and a Veterinary Health Certificate issued by a Government Veterinary Officer in the country of origin, stating that the animals are healthy and free of infection and contagious disease. In addition, the Certificate must state that the dogs and cats were vaccinated against rabies, not more than one year and not less than one month prior to their arrival in Israel. Dogs and cats under vaccination age (three months) will not be admitted.
  • When flying animals from Israel, it is the owner's responsibility to clarify which documents and relevant certificates are required at the transit and end destinations