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Flying Pets with EL AL

Flying Pets with EL AL

Flying pets with EL AL Airlines on all EL AL commercial flights

For details about Ministry of Agriculture veterinary service directives pertaining to the importation to Israel of cats and dogs: For details click here.

Pets transportation costs on international flights and flights to / from Eilat.

Flying Pets with EL AL

  • Live animals (pets – dogs, cats and exotic birds only) weighing up to 8 kilograms (including container) will be accepted for carriage in the cabin with an accompanying passenger, on condition that they are carried in a cage – soft or hard – no larger than 40 x 40 by 21 centimeters and can be stored under the passenger's seat. El Al Reservations must be notified in advance.
  • All pets authorized for carriage must be provided with a Health/Vaccination Certificate and Entry Permits required by the relevant authorities at transit and/or end destination stations.
  • El Al will not be responsible in the event that pets are not permitted passage or entry into any country.
  • Animals showing clear signs of illness may not be approved for flight.
  • The Captain of the flight is authorized to have the animal removed from the plane or transferred to the cargo hold, if the animal is clearly disturbing or has disturbed passengers.
  • Birds and bird eggs (excluding chickens and their eggs) will not be approved for flights to London, unless a permit has been issued by the UK's Ministry of Agriculture.
  • Pets to LHR, JNB, HKG and Australia will not be uplifted in the passengers' cabin, this due to regulations of the local authorities in each of these countries.
    Also, be advised that pets may be uplifted to the above-mentioned stations as commercial cargo only.
    The handling, rate quotations and payments for the uplift of pets to the above-mentioned stations will be done based on the issuance of an air waybill at our
    EL AL cargo front sales counter (for more information you are kindly requested to call 972-3-9716679).
  • Pets may not sit on the passenger's lap during takeoff and landing.
  • Pets weighing over 8 kilograms (including container) will be accepted for carriage in the hold of the aircraft only.
  • The animals must remain in the cage throughout the course of the flight.
  • GOVT. Service TAX of 4.944% will apply on transactions for services on BOM-TLV paid for in India
  • Flying to Israel with your pets? Please note!
    According to Ministry of Agriculture regulations, Israel allows entry of up to two pets as accompanying baggage for a passenger (either in the passenger cabin or in the cargo hold).
    Only cats/dogs/birds can be kept in the passenger cabin, subject to the above conditions and to the EL AL baggage policy.
    To transport more than 2 pets, please contact the EL AL Telephone Service Center.

Flying Pets with EL AL Reservation Procedure

  • All requests to carry animals accompanied by passengers must be submitted to El Al's Reservations office indicating the pet's weight including its container and the container's dimensions.
  • Central Service Center will confirm acceptance to the relevant travel agency.

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