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Shopping in New York – Black Friday

Shopping in New York – Black Friday

EL AL invites you to the biggest shopping fest with the best bargains in the world – Black Friday!

Planning a shopping expedition in New York?
Visit the EL AL website before your trip for useful information about Black Friday.

Black Friday – Planning a Shopping Trip in the USA

EL AL invites you to participate in the biggest shopping fest with the
best bargains in the world – Black Friday!

Black Friday is the official name of the mad, mad shopping day in the USA on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. This year it falls on November 28, 2014. On this day, all the shops in the USA – with no exceptions – advertise amazing deals and big discounts. It is also the traditional opening of the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday has been a tradition in the American shopping culture for decades, but during the past 10 years it has gone absolutely ballistic, with more than 220 million shoppers spending an astronomical 55.2 billion dollars (about half of Israel’s annual budget!). Why? Because everything is at rock-bottom prices. Really cheap.

Only in the USA (where anything that happens – happens in a big way), you can find so many products for so little money. And the best way to do this, without plodding through the length and breadth of the USA, is to be there for the Black Friday sales, especially in New York – one of the biggest shopping centers in the world.

Here are some basics for making the best of Black Friday
with a minimum of time and expense:

Every chain has its own Black Friday rules. Some of the stores work nonstop through November 28 and exactly at midnight begin to offer discounts on all products. Some of the chains open their doors at midnight while others open at different hours during the night and the morning. Some begin offering discounts at 10pm on November 28. Check out the websites of the various shops to find out which ones open when, so that you don’t arrive at the store of your choice only to find the shelves empty …

You’d be well advised (very well advised!) to arrive as early as possible to get a good place on the long lines at the store entrance. Don’t forget that there are lines at the cashier counters too! Do not try to cut in on a line; those waiting their turn do not appreciate such behavior and the local police do not hesitate to stop anyone who gives the slightest indication of causing a commotion on this day. But the stores are prepared for this day, with extra staff and dozens of cashiers to keep your waiting time to a minimum.

It is recommended to use a suitcase on wheels (think of the many shopping bags you’d have to schlep). Be sure to keep all of the receipts in the relevant bags (many of the stores will check them) and don’t forget to dress comfortably and – most important – wear comfortable shoes (save your high heels for the evening when you celebrate your great savings!).

What’s worth buying on Black Friday and where?
As mentioned, all stores – from the smallest shops to the giant malls – take part in the Black Friday sales on November 29 . Flights to the USA before this date fill up as quickly as pre-Christmas flights. So hurry and ensure your seat on one of EL AL's flights to New York!

The following Black Friday shopping sites are recommended:

Jersey Gardens Outlet Mall

  • Huge shopping mall in New Jersey, south of New York
  • Over 200 stores, just 30 minutes from central Manhattan
  • Location: 651 Kapkowski Road, NJ Turnpike Exit 13A
  • Public transportation:
    Bus no. 111 and 115 from Manhattan’s Port Authority (more information)

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets

  • Another huge mall with over 220 stores about one hour north of New York
  • Location: 498 Red Apple Court, Central Valley, NY 10917
  • How to get there: Many modes of transportation – private and public – from a rental car to a helicopter!
  • It is advisable to arrive no later than 2am to avoid the traffic jams at the entrance.

  • Until 2009 Macy’s New York was the largest store in the world.It lost its title when a modest store the size of 42 football fields opened in South Korea.Here, in the center of New York, you’ll find just about any product you can imagine.
  • Location: Herald Square, 151 West 34 St., Manhattan, New York
  • Please note: the store has several entrances, one additional entrance on 7th Avenue and two on 34th Street.

  • A more exclusive shop, owned by Macy’s, with a slightly different mix and quality level of products
  • Location: 1000 3rd Avenue, between 59th and 60th Streets

Other chains with dozens of branches throughout New York also offer especially good discounts on Black Friday:

Gap stores in the New York area

H & M stores in the New York area

Old Navy stores in the New York area– click on Ctrl + F and type in New York

American Eagle stores in the New York area

EL AL wishes you a fun day of bargain hunting and, of course, a pleasant flight!

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