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Flights to Moscow with EL AL, Benefits and Useful Information

Moscow, Russia's capital, is a popular destination for many Israelis every year, whether for a family visit, a search for business opportunities or a vacation.In any event, if you're planning to fly to Moscow you can enjoy the cultural wealth and variety of interesting attractions. This is a city which perfectly expresses the contrast of wild nightlife, capitalism and wealth and the Kremlin square and Byzantine Cathedrals. In addition, Moscow is well known for its theaters, operas and amazing ballet shows that you can enjoy while visiting in the city.

EL AL's flights to Moscow take about 4:15 hours (direct flight) and flight tickets are available for all classes (business, tourist or first class). The flights take off from Ben-Gurion airport and land at Domodedovo airport which is located about an hour's drive from Moscow. EL AL operates flights to Moscow with Boeing 767 and 736 aircrafts, in which you will experience a safe and enjoyable flight, including a variety of VOD entertainment packages.

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