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Flights to Odessa

Flights to Odessa

Planning a trip to Odessa? Odessa is a beautiful harbor city at the coast of the Black Sea, and one of the largest cities in Ukraine. Odessa serves as a vacation city for many, but not only.  You can find out that Odessa has a strong Jewish relationship and is a fascinating destination for those who are interested in the Jewish culture and legacy. When arriving at Odessa, you will be able to visit many "must visit" sites, such as the 192 steps Potemkin which appear in the movie "The Battleship Potemkin", catacombs tunnels – underground tunnels of the 19th century from which the city's houses were built, the Tolstoy palace, the Potocki Museum and the city's cathedral. Here you will find all information necessary for planning a trip to Odessa – the weather forecast, transportation, special deals and more.

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