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Flights to Hong Kong, China

Flights to Hong Kong, China

Information on flights to various EL AL destinations in Hong Kong

Hong Kong incorporates one of the most fascinating combinations between east and west, and can offer each tourist a wealth of experiences. Hong Kong is divided into two parts: The peninsula in China, including Kowloon and the new territories, and the Hong Kong Island and the islands surrounding it. Kowloon is the most toured area, and it offers shopping districts, pubs and magical beaches, alongside temples and other traditional atractions. Another main destination in Hong Kong is the island of Macau. Macau is the gambling capital of the Far East and is the home of numerous casinos. Hong Kong is known for its impressive markets, which offer a huge selection and cheap prices, such as the women's market, the flower market, the birds market and the night market. Hong Kong's beauty is in its ability to offer every tourist an experience which includes exotics, light entertainment, and spectacular views, such as the views from Victoria Peak, which overlooks the entire island.

Planning a trip to Hong Kong? With EL AL you can fly swiftly and comfortably to Hong Kong, China. The direct flights to Hong Kong, done in 777 airplanes take off from TLV Ben Gurion airport and land at Hong Kong INTL airport. EL AL offers you a safe and comfortable flying experience with a variety of VOD entertainment packages for your enjoinment.



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