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Flights to Mumbai (Bombay)

Flights to Mumbai (Bombay)

Flight tickets to Mumbai with EL AL – Special Deals and Befinits

Mumbai or Bombay (as it used to be called) is a dynamic city of skyscrapers, movie theatres, factories and India's main business center. This is the home of Bollywood, the Indian film industry which produces cult films and starts who are "treated as gods" amongst the Indian people. In Mumbai you can still see many Victorian buildings which stand as a testimony of its grand past, and you can visit the many museums and markets it has. Alongside its good points, Mumbai also has a lot of poverty, unemployment and congestion. Many of its residents live in huge neighborhoods of tin shacks and boxes right next to the modern buildings which are a part of the city's skyline and complex nature. A flight to Mumbai is without a doubt a unique and fascinating experience – the best deals, information on the weather and transportation in Mumbai, and other information which will upgrade your flight, we offer you here.

With EL AL you can fly safely and swiftly to Mumbai. Direct flights to Mumbai, done in 767 airplanes, take off from TLV airport and land at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport in Mumbai. At EL AL you will receive a comfortable and safe flight experience, with a rich entertainment package  in VOD.



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