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Touring the Dead Sea: being a part of the history

Touring the Dead Sea: being a part of the history

The most important places to visit while touring the dead sea

The tales of King David, King Herod, Jesus Christ, and John the Baptist are tightly connected with the Dead Sea and its surrounding areas. The prophets knew about it because of the infamous Sodom and Gomorra.
In the days of Ancient Egypt, the Queen Cleopatra got exclusive right to produce cosmetics and medicaments in this region.
Later resourceful Nabateans found out the importance of bitumen extracted from the Dead Sea. The Egyptians needed it to embalm their mummies. Aristotle too wrote about this unusual water.
In the Roman period, the Essenes settled down on the Northern shore of the Dead Sean, and a small group of heroic Jewish rebels on the top of Masada Mountain defied the power of the Roman Empire.
In the Byzantine epoch the remoteness of the region attracted the Greek Orthodox monks.
The monasteries of Saint George in Wadi Qelt and Mar Saba in the Judean Desert became the pilgrimage sites. And the Bedouin tribes lived here constantly.
Relatively recently this area attracted the attention of the researchers and scientists interested in mineral analysis, as well as in the unique climate of the area.
Since 1960s, tourists from around the globe have been arriving to the Dead Sea area.

Locations to visit at the Dead Sea

Ein Gedi Kibbutz and Nature Reserve is a real oasis in the Judean Desert, offering its visitors unforgettable impressions. It is located in the vicinity of the Dead Sea.

Masada National Park is an eternal symbol of the Jewish history. It is the place of heroic resistance of a handful of Jewish heroes, who killed themselves but did not surrender under the pressure of all the might of the Roman Empire.

Ein Bokek Solarium is one of the best centers of climate therapy for natural treatment of various skin and joints diseases.

Mount Sodom is a twelve kilometer long geological ridge of pure salt. It is located on the North-Eastern part of the Negev Desert being unique natural phenomenon.

Qumran National Park and Tourist Center is famous for ancient caves and settlements on the Northern coast of the Dead Sea, where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest Biblical documents ever found, were discovered.

The famous Kalia Beach is finely equipped beach with a handy access to the water well-known around the world for its healing powers. The Kalia Beach is one of the several well-equipped beaches in the lower point of the globe. It is recognized as the most popular beach among the multitude of tourists from all over the world, who gather every year to undergo their treatment.

The Bedouin hospitality. It is a unique tourist opportunity in the Dead Sea area. You can live in one of the many Bedouin tents, scattered through the area nearby the Dead Sea. One of such guesthouses is, for example, Khan Naot Ha-Kikar, where you can enjoy authentic Bedouin hospitality and encounter their amazing traditions, so uncommon for the modern culture.

The Flour Cave is a short ride from Ein Bokek. The mysterious 30 meter underground passage created by water erosion of soft limestone is situated to the West from the Mount Sodom. You’d better take a torch there.

Einot Tzukim Reserve. Springs and pools with sweet water. A tour of a hidden nature reserve. Picnic tables.

Metzukei Dragot is the center of the desert tourism on the mountain top. There are beautiful terraces and cafés with captivating views. Tours on jeeps and Canyoning.

Ahava tourist center
Ahava Company produces cosmetics and medical goods from dirt, minerals and salt of the Dead Sea. On the factory, you can see the presentation with explanations on various stages of production. You can visit a shop, where they sell the Ahava’s production, as well as a souvenir shop and a café.

The Zoar Stronghold and Canyon. Canyon is of white soft limestone. Above the Canyon ridge, to the West from Neve-Zohar, there are ruins of two fortresses of Israelite and Roman periods. You can see the ruins from the observatory on the Dead Sea – Arad highway.