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Jerusalem museums – attractions in Jerusalem

Yad Vashem museum and places to see in Jerusalem

Culture and Arts in Jerusalem – theatres, music, and museums

In Jerusalem theatres and concert halls, ballets, operas, comedies, tragedies, and other performances take place arranged. However your predilections and tastes might be, you will certainly find in Jerusalem the venue to your liking. Anyone can understand the language of dance and music, and no translation from Hebrew is required. You just need to call the right phone number, learn the program, and buy a ticket to the cultural event you are interested in.


Yad Vashem Museum

The National Israeli Museum of the Holocaust and Heroism was established in 1953 through the Yad Vashem Law, passed by Knesset to commemorate six million of Jews destroyed by the Nazi regime, Jewish partisans, and the Righteous among Nations (non-Jews who saved Jews from Nazis). The world’s biggest Holocaust memorial located on Mount of Remembrance (Har Ha-Zikaron) is an important scientific and historical center. Many guests of Israel feel obliged to visit it. The President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, the 42nd President of USA Bill Clinton, the Pope John Paul II, the Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher, and many other high-ranking officials and state leaders came to Yad Vashem. Every year, more than a million of people visit the memorial. Each one of them feels great emotional shock, having learned about the Holocaust. There is no doubt, that without visiting this museum one can not truly get to know Jerusalem.
Mount of Remembrance (Har Ha-Zikaron). Tel. 02-6443400. Admission is free.
Opening hours: Sun. – Thu. 09:00 – 17:00, Fri. 09:00 – 14:00.

Theatrical season all the year round

Locations to spend time

The Sultan’s Pool
The basin was built by the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. Now it is the venue for the most acclaimed foreign musicians and grand concerts.
The corner of Hebron Road and Hativat Yerushalayim Street. Tel. 02-6241474.

The Jerusalem Music Center
The center was established in 1973 by the violinist Isaac Stern. The center houses concerts of all music genres, including rock and jazz.
Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Tel. 02-6241474.

Anna Ticho House
The house is a musical oasis. Music nights are held here twice a week. On Tuesdays here jazz plays, and they serve wine and cheese. On Saturdays a string quartette plays waltzes till late at night.
HaRav Kook St., 13. Tel. 02-6794040.

HaTzolelet (The Yellow Submarine)
Every night live music plays here, and optimistic and cheerful atmosphere reigns. Call and ask about the programme on odd-come-shortly.
HaRehavim st., 13. Tel. 02-6794040.

Birman Musical Bistro
In ‘Birman’ delicious food, exquisite drinks, and night concerts are waiting for you. Here you can hear jazz most often, but they play blues and folk music here as well.
Dorot HaRishonim st., 8. Tel. 02-6236115.

Beit Shmuel
The other name of this cultural center is ‘Mercaz Shimshon’. In this building the World Union for Reform Judaism resides and arranges concerts of folk and ethnic Jewish music.
King David st., 13. Tel. 02-6203455.

Gerard Behar Center
In this center, all the year round dance, music, and theatrical groups appear non-stop. Under the center’s aegis ‘Vertigo’ and “Kolban’, two very popular groups, perform.
Bezalel St. 11. Tel. 02-6261139.

Mehola Dance Center
‘Mehola’ is the biggest center for folk dance in Israel. In dances performed here Israeli culture and folklore get entangled with the other Near-Eastern and even Russian dance traditions.
Emek Refaim St., 43. Tel. 02-5636663.

Hazira exists for the so-called avant-garde art in Israel. Both metropolitan and provincial groups present their performances, music plays, and plastic art.
HaRehavim St., 4. Tel. 02-6783368.

The Jerusalem Theatre
The Jerusalem Theatre for the Performing Arts is well-known. It is a large-scale Israeli cultural center. Inside it there are several beautiful modernist halls. Many performances are provided with simultaneous translation into English. There is a tea-house on the first floor. Spectators love to visit it during breaks and after performances.
David Marcus St., 20. Tel. 02-5605757.

HaMaabada (The Lab)
In 2003 the building, then just a regular storage facility, was restored. They created there The Lab, a home for actors and other creative professionals. Gradually the Lab became a popular place for metropolitans’ cultural pastimes. Both local and foreign participants take part in its interesting programmes.
Hebron Road., 28. Tel. 02-6292001.

Khan Theatre
At Khan Theatre stage life boils almost all the year round. This remarkable theatre is located in the building erected in the days of the Ottoman Empire and has 2 halls, where performances take place. In the same building there is a kosher restaurant Limonim (Lemons).
David Remez Square, 2. Tel. 02-6718281.

The Train Theatre
The Train Theatre began with four puppeteers performing in train cars. Years later the theatre grew, became increasingly creative, and turned into an extremely popular puppet theater. Its plays are mostly intended for children. But grown-ups are welcomed too.
Liberty Bell Park. Tel. 02-5618514.

Al-Hakawati National Palestinian Theatre
Here the Palestinian non-profit cultural institution arranges arts, educational, and entertainments programs on the non-commercial basis. Their political implications, at times irritating for certain Israeli population groups, do not depreciate their high artistic level. The booklets are written in Arabic and English languages.
Nuzha St. Eastern Jerusalem. Tel. 02-6280957.

The Night Spectacular
The show is virtually unimaginable for those who have not watched it yet. The ancient stronghold in the old King David’s city serves as a background for the stunning spectacle. Usually the show starts at 20:00, but the schedule might change, so you’d better make a call to make sure.
The Tower of David Museum. Tel. 02-6265310.

Globus Max
If you like the Hollywood movies, you should visit Globus Max cinema without fail. The cinema was opened recently, and its equipment is state of the art. So the cinema allows one to watch the 3D movies with stereo sound.
International Convention Center. Tel. 02-6223685.

Rav Hen
The cinema is situated in Rav Mekher Mall in Talpiyot neighborhood. It has 7 cinema halls. One can see here new Hollywood movies that just now appeared at the cinemas.
HaOman st., 19. Tel. 02-6792790.

Cinemateque poses as the center of the real cinematographic art. Every day it screens up to six movies. The cinema is proud with its comfortable seats, which dispose to deliberation and thoughtfulness. If after the screening you have some time, you may visit Lavan restaurant. It will please you with its specialties and unique sight of the Old City opening from its terrace.
Hebron Road, 11. Tel. 02-5654333.

Lev Smadar
This cinema is the flower of the German Colony in Jerusalem. They would not show you just any movie. Only the movies of the highest quality are screened here. The cinema hall has plush seats and liberal policy. You may bring food and drinks, including draught beer from the neighboring café ‘Smadar’.
Lloyd George st., 4. Tel. 02-5660954.

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